Why Is Windows Defender a good antivirus?

When you install windows 10 on your computer, it will also install windows defender automatically. It is a default antivirus by Microsoft that comes with Windows 8.1 and later. It will automatically scan every program you install and open.

It always runs in the background, the best thing I like about windows defender is that it does not slow down my computer. You know this is not the case with other antivirus programs.

If we look in history, windows defender was the worst antivirus as compared to others. There was no comparison in the performance of competitive antivirus programs and the windows defender, but now it has bounced back. Windows Defender is now a very good antivirus program that will keep your computer safe.

Yes, we can now say it. Windows Defender is a good antivirus for Windows 10. Let’s dive deep and see what windows defender can do best and what it cannot.

What Windows Defender is best for

  1. It provides you a 100% protection against zero-day attacks.
  2. It doesn’t slow down your computer or web browser. Its average slow down rate for the web browser is 4% as compared to 10% average of other antivirus programs.
  3. It will yield a small number of false positives.

What Windows Defender is not best for

There is an argument that windows defender is not best or perfect. Yes, it has some limitations, and it did not perform well in some tests.

  1. It has limited control over things, and it warns you if you try to run a malicious program. But it will not stop you if you still want to run that.
  2. It sometimes slows down the process of installing some applications.

If we sum it all up, we can say Windows defender is a good option if you want to use a free antivirus. It provides decent protection and does not disturb your work.