Where to Sell Fish in Sea of Thieves

Along with the update that came out in April of last year, Sea of Thieves introduced a number of new perks and options, one of which is also the opportunity to catch your own fish, and then cook it or even sell it further. And while there might be plenty of guides teaching you how to fish in SoT, you could still be wondering exactly how and where you could sell your caught fish. To that end, here is a quick guide that might help:

Cooking your fish

While you do have the ability to sell your caught fish raw, you might want to cook it first, as cooked fish tends to earn you a significantly larger sum of money.

To cook your own fish, you could either utilize a skillet, or even locate a campfire on one of the islands. You will need to wait approximately 30 seconds to a minute until your fish is fully cooked. The goal you want to achieve is a golden or bronze color; that’s the point when you should take the fish off the fire. You could also pay close attention to the eyes of your fish, and know it’s perfectly cooked when the eyes turn white.

Pay attention, and don’t leave your fish on the fire for an unnecessarily long amount of time. It will get burned, and you will ultimately need to sell it for a significantly lower price.

Selling your fish

Unlike the other items you might be used to, fish can’t actually be sold on any of the available Outposts. Instead, you will need to sell your fish at one of the Hunter’s Call trading companies. They can be located on one of the 8 available Seaposts, small piers that are marked on the map. At the end of each pier (not the shop) you will be able to see a representative you could sell to.

Keep in mind that the fact your fish is cooked isn’t the only thing that could affect its price. The amount you get paid could also depend on how rare the fish you caught actually is in the game. Fish such as Shadow Stormfish, Sand Battlegill, and Snow Wrecker are among the most valuable options.

And there you have it; all you need to know about selling your caught fish within the Sea of Thieves game.