Where to Farm Deep Sea Satin in World of Warcraft

A useful item for any WoW player that has the necessary Tailor skills, Deep Sea Satin is most commonly traded within the Auction House. However, if you don’t want to deal with trade, but would rather farm your own DSS, you might be looking for some of the most suitable locations within the game where you could achieve your goal.

To that end, here are some of the best places you could farm your own Deep Sea Satin in WoW, according to avid players:


Located within the Xibala area in Zuldazar, the native Dark Iron dwarves tend to respawn incredibly quickly. This means they could hardly ever expire or dry up.

Tiragarde Sound

Within the Tiragarde Sound, the island of Freehold is one of the best areas where you could farm Deep Sea Satin. The mobs here tend to be quite near one another, meaning you could effortlessly pull a couple of them together, and then use Area of Effect to take them all down at once.

However, the rate of respawn is significantly lower here, meaning you might want to take a full circle around the Freehold island in order to encounter respawned mobs at the beginning, and then continue in a loop. Make sure not to kill the mobs too quickly, in an effort to avoid waiting for longer periods of time for any new respawns to appear.


For slightly higher levels, killing the Sethrak within the Vol’dun zone might also be a great option when it comes to farming your own in-game Deep Sea Satin.

And that’s it; all the best places where you could find Deep Sea Satin in World of Warcraft. Hopefully, this guide will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.