Here Are 6 Things You Can Make With An Air Fryer

With the air fryer, you can make much more than fries and other snacks. Be inspired and see all the possibilities in this article. Think about using the air fryer the next time you want to make any of these recipes. There are even air fryer cookbooks available.

French fries and snacks

Of course, you can bake the obvious snacks. French fries and other snacks are easy to prepare in the air fryer. If they are available, choose for the oven or air fryer variants. If not, you have the chance that the snacks are not very crunchy or dry. You can also try healthier fries by making fries from sweet potatoes.

Other snacks

For many other snacks such as hamburgers, spring rolls or hot dogs you can also use the air fryer. Look for the air fryer variants to get the best results.


You can make all kinds of potato variants in the air fryer. Jacket potato, potato gratin or ordinary potatoes. You can cut them yourself or buy pre-cut packages. Fresh or frozen, it is all possible in the air fryer. You can experiment with the different species, baking time and temperature. Also, add oil and seasoning to your taste.


All meat is acceptable to prepare in the air fryer. You can make chicken, beef or any other kind of meat you like. Watch the temperature as this is the most important thing when you prepare meat. Use a little oil to get a nice juicy result.


Fish out of the air fryer is delicious. Even shellfish can give excellent results. Breaded fish fillets get nice and crispy in the air fryer. Make fish & chips or tasty salmon.


Most vegetables are ready in 10 to 20 minutes in the air fryer. Start with preheating the air fryer for 5 minutes. In the meantime, you can prepare your vegetables. Chop them with some salt and pepper. Fry the vegetables for 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the kind of vegetable. Stir them every 5 minutes and check if they are ready. You can use this ‘recipe’ for all kinds of vegetables. Easy!