What Is The Average Lifespan Of A MacBook Pro?

MacBook Pro can be an expensive investment. With its reputation for being high-end and durable, these might be the reasons why Apple products attract you! And with expensive purchases, you expect the product to function correctly and work for a long time. With proper care, it can last for long. But you need to remember that nothing lasts forever, mainly in the technology world.

Therefore, based on the operating system support, about 7-8 years is likely a reasonable time scale. After that, you might probably want to replace your Mac.

How long does a MacBook Pro last?

On average, a well-cared MacBook Pro can last up to seven years. But it may vary for different users according to further usage of time.

For heavy-duty MacBook Pro users like gaming, animation, video editing activities, etc., your MacBook Pro may last around 5-7 years. With time, your laptop will wear down due to the RAM, graphics card, and software updates. What’s more, your battery will not be able to keep up with the advance in technology.

But, for moderate users, your MacBook Pro should last between 5-8 years with average use, such as browsing the web daily for work, typing, writing papers, moderate gaming usage, editing, etc.

On the other hand, according to the experts, for light users, your MacBook Pro will last 7-9 years. This is with fair usage such as watching a movie, browsing the web, or for basic tasks twice a week for less than three hours a day.

However, after an average lifespan, your MacBook Pro will usually show issues that you can no longer update the latest Mac operating system that Apple offers. It can be quite a disappointment. But after you have had your MacBook for some years, it will get outdated to the latest operating system upgrades. It may not be protected from viruses, malware, etc. If you can’t upgrade your MacBook to the latest macOS, it shows that your computer is getting old.

Your computer will perform worse and become slower

As your computer gets older, more data, documents, applications, and files begin to fill up your available space, and with time your computer storage becomes full. Older MacBook has lesser storage space, and as your computer storage runs out of space, its performance will worsen and become slower.

Another issue that shows up is that it begins to act slowly and often freezes when your MacBook Pro is more than five years old. It may have problems running specific software as it is not equipped with the latest powerful components and show signs that it is not as powerful as it was before. Moreover, your MacBook CPU and RAM will get slower and decline as it gets older. It can still get your basic works done. Apart from that, any heavy task will impact your workflow.

Replace the battery for less charging

In time, your MacBook Pro’s battery life will start to age; it may last only a few hours before you need to charge it again. Therefore, you would need a battery replacement. The batteries are quite difficult to replace as Apple has made it difficult to get access to these parts. And even for proper removal and replacement, you will need custom tools and adhesive. So, if you want to replace your battery, you would have to go to an official Apple service provider.

Usually, Macs tend to last longer than other computers due to the high quality and integration Apple offers. But like any other laptop, your MacBook Pro will also tend to look old after some years. Even with steady use and goo care, your MacBook Pro will indeed have dents, scratches here and there, keys not working, or even have a cracked screen over time.

However, take a look at Apple’s list that shows the device considering Vintage Macs- devices that have stopped manufacturing 5-7 years ago and Obsolete Macs- devices that discontinued more than seven years ago. This might give you an idea of the device’s longevity.

Take good care of your MacBook Pro to increase the lifespan

Taking good care of your MacBook Pro can increase the lifespan quite a while. But there is nothing you could do to make it last forever. If your MacBook Pro is more than seven years old and shows some problems, consider making an upgrade that will perform much better.