Here Are 6 Easy Solutions If Your Tor Browser Is Not Working

Tor is the best browser on Earth which guarantees Internet users deep layers of privacy.

There are a few problems users of the browser have pointed out. One of them is the ‘secure connection failed error’. This error can be frustrating when you encounter it as a Tor user. And this frustration can peak when you are doing very important work on the Internet.

For every problem, there is a solution. That is why we have made this list. It contains six easy solutions to this specific problem, in case you encounter it when using the Tor browser. These solutions are easy to understand. Just read through this article and follow every step.

1. Tor browser running when the app is closed

It happens on some occasions that after you close the Tor browser on your system, you find that it presents difficulties when you want to reopen it. This situation can be very frustrating; some people even sit for so long, in the expectation that time would pacify the “vexed” Tor browser, but to no avail. This situation occurs because the Tor browser is still running on the background, but you do not notice this as the app seems to be closed. Basically, if this occurs, what you do is that you go to your task manager and end task of the Tor browser to stop the app from running then you can open the app again. If this problem persists, you can simply restart your system.

2. Antivirus interference

Having antivirus protection on your system is good. Sometimes, however, it can be a problem by being overprotective in the sense that the antivirus you install on your system can interfere with other apps you install by preventing it from running. It is annoying when your antivirus is preventing you from using apps that are not infected with viruses. But as we know, antiviruses are built to protect your system so you do not have to blame it for doing its job. To stop this problem from occurring, simply what you need to do is to block the antivirus software from interfering with the Tor browser. Antivirus software is of different types, so you may need consultation of the documentation for the antivirus you are using if you do not know how to block the interference of the antivirus.

3. Disable firewall temporarily

Firewalls are security apps that filter all the data that enters your computer from the internet. It is also used for blocking potentially harmful programs that request access to your windows machine. At times the firewall is the reason why you are unable to access a page or site on the internet through your Tor browser. In order to stop this all you need to do is to temporarily disable your firewall so you can access the page or site.

4. Inaccurate date and time

The Tor browser works with accurate date and time i.e. Internet time. If your date and time do not correspond with the Internet time, you would not be able to use the Tor browser. So before using the Tor browser, check your date and time. And if you notice that it does not correspond with the internet time, then you would need to adjust your system time to synchronize with your internet time.

5. Internet service provider

This problem can also be caused by your internet service provider might. Simply contact your internet service provider to find out the issue, or at least confirm if the problem is from that end.

6. Improper installation

Sometimes, the Tor browser would fail to work properly. This is, in most cases, because it was not properly installed. The solution to this problem is to reinstall the Tor browser.

Try another browser

If your Tor browser is still not working as it should you can try an alternative to the Tor browser. There are more anonymous browsers available for Windows and Linux.