Top 6 Best Google Pixel 5 Cases And Covers

We have searched and found some of the top covers and cases for your Google Pixel 5 that will help you protect your smartphone and look cool. Here are some of the best selling covers and cases for the Google Pixel 5.

1. Caseology Parallax for Google Pixel 5 Case

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This one made its name on the list for having high quality and durability. The hard case cover looks very classy and offers a pattern finish. The case also provides dual-layered protection of military-grade that helps to protect against impacts. The matte finish is not the only impressive thing about this case, but it also offers a nice grip in your hands that helps to make the phone even safer for your hands.

This case offers enhanced ergonomics to perform better in all types of places. The cover will ensure to keep the phone unscratched regardless of the use of this smartphone. You can check the reviews of this case that will help you to know the details. You can return the item whenever you want until January 31, 20121.

The 3D design along with the double layer safety and edge protection keeps it top of the row for Google Pixel 5.

Pros Cons
Wireless charging compatible The price is a bit high compared to features
3D design with a matte finish

2. ComoUSA Phone Case for Google Pixel 5 Case

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Provide extra protection to Google Pixel 5 by choosing this high protection case. It is tested against a 15ft drop and survived. Also, the case offers a military-grade kickstand that you can use to stand the mobile anywhere and use your work without holding the phone in your hand for hours. The portable stand is a very useful feature that prevents you from carrying a stand at every place you go to.

Not only this, but the case also provides a ring holder that helps you to hold the phone more tightly in your grasp. Even if the phone slips from your hand, the ring will make it sure that the phone stays intact in the finger. The corners can withstand high blows and impact without a scratch to the surface of the phone. If the phone is dropped from your hand, the camera and screen are safe as the case is extended 2 millimeters from the phone.

If there are any issues faced by the customers using this case, then ComoUSA also provides a 90-days return service by contacting them. Also, they will solve any problem by contacting their 24/7 active customer care.

Pros Cons
Comes with a multi-functional kickstand Makes the phone bulky
Provide a ring holder for better grip

3. Foluu for Google Pixel 5 Case

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Want to provide protection and also make it look classy? Well, you have that option available with the Foluu Flip Wallet Cover case that comes with a very attractive and classic look. It not only protects your phone from impact and covers the backside, but it also covers the front side of your phone and prevents any scratches. The case is available in different colors, such as Black, Blue, and gray.

Apart from the backside and front, the case also comes with a camera cover that helps to keep the cameras protected from any impact. You will not feel any weight of this case cover as it is very lightweight and slim. The materials that are used to make this flip case cover are plastic and leather. You can use the front cover of the case as a wallet that comes with 3 cards and a cash slot to keep your cards, money, and other things.

If you are looking for more features, then you will not be disappointed as the case also works very well as a kickstand and helps you to make hands-free video calls or take stable pictures/videos. They offer a free refund or a new free case to the customers if there are any issues with the case that are non-artificial.

Pros Cons
Comes with an inbuilt kickstand Magnetic Closure tend to stop working in most cases
Provide a wallet space in the case to hold card and cash
Protects both the backside and front of the mobile

4. RANZ Google Pixel 5 Case

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Covering the attractive back panel of Google Pixel 5 can be quite painful for many people, but not for long. The RANZ Antic Scratch Series Case offers extra protection and helps it to look even more attractive with the graphic background. It helps to see the backside of your Google Pixel 5 along with the Google logo as it is crystal clear. The graphics are embedded in the transparent case.

The cover is completely scratch resistant and comes with shock protection. The case provides soft Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) on edge and Acrylic Hardback for increased protection. The phone gets total protection from all outside damage with this case cover that includes shock, shatter, damage from falling, cracks, and many others.

Pros Cons
Transparent background to show the real stock color No kickstand or ring holder provided
Soft TPU edges along with Acrylic hardback that offers increased protection

5. HAII Google Pixel 5 Case

Image: Amazon

Investing in your cover will provide extra protection from impacts for a lifetime. It is of the utility cover that comes at a reasonable price and offers various benefits to the customers. You will get the cover in many different colors such as Red, Pink, Coffee, Blue, and Black. You can choose the favorite color of yours to make the cover look attractive. As the name suggests, the case contains a wallet that helps you to store cards, IDs, cash, and many other things.

It is compatible with wireless charging, and you can use the flip cover as a kickstand to easily get hands-free video calling and clicking perfect pictures. The case surrounds all the edges and front to protect it from impacts. You can easily use the buttons and ports without opening the cover.

It will help you to protect the phone from water and look attractive for the leather material. Easily access the front cover whenever you need with the magnetic closure.

Pros Cons
Multi-functional case Dust can enter the case
Provides a kickstand

6. GVIEWIN Google Pixel 5 Case

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This is an ultra-slim cover made with a gel that helps to protect the phone from any damage. It comes in two different colors such as gold and green. The marble pattern of this case cover makes it look extra attractive.

The Sleek design helps you to carry it around without feeling heavy or bulky. You can also slip it into your pocket or bag very easily. This cover is long-lasting, fade-proof, odor-free, and scratch-resistant that helps to carry the phone without any worries. The phone will be protected upon falling as it contains shock-absorbing corners.

The GVIEWIN Nature case provides an increased edge around the camera and buttons to protect them from any impact. Customers will get a warranty for 1 year of the product and good after-sales customer service. Look for the installation instructions in the case manual to know more about the installation process.

Pros Cons
Sleek and simple design for great comfort Does not offer any kickstand
Increased edge and good corner shock-absorbent protection
1-year warranty and good customer service

Why you need a Google Pixel 5 cover

These sustainable and finest cases and covers help people to keep the phone safe and protected. Here we have shared a detailed review of different cases and covers for the Google Pixel 5 that will help you to choose the best one.

The use of smartphones has increased very much in the last few years. It is one of the necessary things that people like to carry with them. Losing them or having a scratch on the beloved smartphone can be very bad for you as it is a reliable source to travel and do daily work.

The cases and covers help to protect the smartphone and ensure that the device is safe even after falling from hand or and scratches.

Without having cases or covers around your phone, you might have to lose some money. The majority of smartphones are very sensitive, and glasses can get a crack easily after falling off from the hand or coming in contact with any surface. Also, the fingerprints and dust scratch the back of the mobile that reduces the reselling price.

You will be able to get many different covers and cases that come in various shapes and sizes. Most of them come with different designs and patterns that create an attractive look and provide protection to Google Pixel 5. Deciding a good design for you can be very hard from a wide range of collections.

Do not worry about choosing the best case or cover as we are here to help you out with that for your Google Pixel 5. Here are some of the detailed reviews that will help you to choose, click here to learn more.

The Necessity of a case and cover for Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5 is one of the most awaited phones in the market among smartphone lovers. This has been one of the best smartphone brands for a long time. Google Pixel 4 came with outstanding features that made the costumes even more excited about the next version of this franchise. The price of this phone is very high as it is one of the phones by Google that is introducing 5G. You do not want to break it or damage the phone in any way. So, here are some benefits of using a case or cover for your phone.

  • A case or cover helps to protect the phone from high fall or contact with the surface and prevent breaking or cracking
  • The backside of the phone might be slippery for many people, the cover or case provide a tight grip to prevent it from falling
  • The backside of the Google Pixel 5 is made with aluminum, which catches fingerprints and dust. Using a cover helps to keep the back of your phone just as new
  • Covers and cases also play a big part in protecting the back cameras and flash
  • There are some specific covers and cases for Google Pixel 5 are available in the market that can be used as a mobile stand or holder

Google Pixel 5 Case Buyer’s Guide

If you are planning to buy a case or cover for your precious Google Pixel 5, then you need to know what are the things that you need to focus on while purchasing it.

Shape and Size

Many people like to keep their phone swift and easy to hold, and others who like their phone to be bulky and well-armored. Well, you can get whatever you want for your Google Pixel 5, and all types of sizes are available in the market.

If you like your phone to be sleek and slim, then you can choose a thin cover or case that will not take much space and will be attached tightly to the phone. You can also choose covers that are armored well and make the phone look heavyweight with all the different components in it. No matter which one you choose for your phone, both of them are very good at their job of keeping the phone protected.

Hard case covers are very well known for being slim and making the phone much swifter. There are specific armored cases that offer more protection from ordinary covers with their extra components available in the market.


This might be the most important thing that you need to consider when you are purchasing the case or cover for Google Pixel 5. The primary objective of a cover or case is to protect the mobile from any damage, scratches, and cracks. You need to only consider other benefits of the case or cover when it is very good at protecting the phone.

Purchasing a cover or case only for those secondary benefits might make your phone vulnerable to damages. So, when buying a cover, the first thing that you need to look at is the protection. Plenty of covers are available for this phone that offers extra protection in the market.


While protection is the main reason for equipping a cover or case on your Google Pixel 5. You also keep in mind that the backside of your phone is the most visible part because it is the only part of your phone that people can see while you are talking. So, you have to make sure that the backside looks amazing and attractive.

The stock backside that comes with the phone is very attractive and comes with a classy finish. You will need to cover that with another attractive back design that will keep your phone special. Plenty of back designs are available in the market that you can choose from abstract to football players. Some covers offer customizable options to the customers that help them to add whatever they want on the cover, such as their photos, names, and others.


Pricing is a big factor for purchasing a Google Pixel 5 case and cover. The prices of different covers and cases vary based on their design and features. There are many different prices of covers but make sure to choose a cover that is value for money. The price of Google Pixel 5 is around 52,000, which is very costly.

So, make sure to buy a cover that will protect your phone even if it costs a bit compared to the average price. Branded covers are there that come with many extra features and price more than average. You can choose a cover based on your price range from low to high.


Last but not the least, before purchasing a cover for your Google Pixel 5, you need to check all the reviews of the other customers. If you are buying them from online stores, then you will be able to get the reviews attached to them. Many people have used the cover for quite a long time and help you to know all the pros and cons of it.

Knowing the details about the cover will help you very much to decide if that is the best cover for you or you need to choose some others. Apart from the cover or case quality, you will also be able to know details about the warranty or after buy services.

What is a Google Pixel 5 Cover?

They are mainly used as protection to smartphones and help to withstand any blow that comes without damaging the device. However, the designs have evolved very much, and new features were introduced in the covers and cases.

Google Pixel 5 is quite new in the market by Google but plenty of covers are available for you to ensure the protection of this precious mobile. You will get many different types of covers with features like a kickstand, ring holder, wallet, and others.

The case covers can keep the mobile safe from shock, bump, fall, crack, dust, scratches, and many other things. Although Google Pixel 5 comes with gorilla glass protection, a hard impact with the surface can break the screen or malfunction.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

Case and covers make the mobile heavy to carry around?

Yes, there are some of the covers available in the market that makes the mobile bulky and heavy as they come with extra armor or features. However, you can always choose the slim designed covers to avoid any type of weight while carrying the mobile around.

These cases and covers are made with what material?

Various materials are used for making covers, and all of them have different benefits. You will get covers made with plastic, rubber, leather, polycarbonate, and many other things, and each of them provides protection.

How many types of cases for the Google Pixel 5 are available in the market?

You can choose different types of cases for your Google Pixel 5 to keep the mobile safe and protected. Available types of cases include hard cases, flip cover case, soft case, transparent jelly case, hybrid case cover, and others.

How do the buttons work after equipping the cases?

Every case or cover of Google Pixel 5 offers soft buttons, or the button places are left blank so, they pop up when you equip the cover. Having a button cover helps the original button of the mobile to stay intact and durable for a long time.