Top 10 Best Torrent Sites

As the legality surrounding torrents remains a vague and controversial issue around the globe, the governments are constantly trying to shut torrent sites down, making it difficult for these websites to survive. However, there are still many safe, secure, and trusted torrent sites that remain as strong as ever, even today. Here are the top 10 torrent websites that still work in 2020, as well as some crucial information about them:

1. The Pirate Bay (TPB) – Best torrent website overall

With a long and difficult history, TPB has managed to evade a number of blocks and shutdowns over the years. However, it’s still going strong, and it remains one of the best and most trusted torrent trackers in the world. Apart from having a wide variety of different torrents and categories, The Pirate Bay also offers support for magnet links, as well as an incredibly clean and simple interface that will allow even a beginner to easily navigate the website.

  • Offers over 3,000,000 torrents
  • Average download speed: 65.9 Mbps
  • Banned in a number of countries, including the USA, UK, Russia and China
  • Mirror websites and proxies:,,,

Tip: When downloading torrents from TPB, look for ones uploaded by “VIP” or “trusted” users (with green or pink skulls by their name), as they are much more likely to be safe and reliable.

2. RARBG – Great for new content

With minimal ads and a user-friendly interface, as well as a substantial torrent library, RARBG is another popular torrent website that offers everything from movies and TV shows to music and software. The site puts an emphasis on constant additions and updates, meaning that RARBG is the best place to find the newest content.

  • Offers over 800,000 torrents
  • Average download speed: 91.6 Mbps
  • Banned in a number of countries, including the UK, Ireland and Denmark
  • Mirror websites and proxies:,,,

3. Kickass Torrents – Great for movies and TV shows

Similarly to TPB, Kickass also offers a comprehensive torrent library, as well as a large and enthusiastic community. With very little advertising and a good loading time, chances of finding quality content with a fair amount of seeds are high. However, Kickass does lack in torrent feedbacks, meaning you’ll often run into empty comment sections, which might make deciding on a good torrent particularly difficult.

  • Offers millions of torrents when searching, tens of thousands when browsing
  • Average download speed: 53 Mbps
  • Banned in a number of countries, including the UK, USA and Australia
  • Mirror websites and proxies:,

4. YTS (YIFY Movies) – Best for HD movies

Formerly known as YIFY Movies, YTS is an incredibly popular website that offers an extensive library of HD movies, along with fast speeds. As it offers high-quality torrents that are often small in size, this website is the perfect option if your bandwidth is limited. The only disadvantage of YTS is the fact that it focuses solely on movies, meaning you’d have to use a different torrent website for any other type of content.

  • Offers over 8,000 torrents
  • Average download speed: 30.1 Mbps
  • Banned in a number of countries, including the US, UK, Ireland, Australia and Greece
  • Mirror websites and proxies:,,

5. EZTV – Best for TV shows

From the most popular series and reality TV to even late-night shows, EZTV truly offers everything TV-related, making it the best and most well-known torrent website for TV shows. Along with a fantastic selection of shows, the site also offers a clean, simple, and ad-free interface, which might also speak to its wide popularity. However, EZTV does have one drawback – you don’t have the option to download full seasons, only individual episodes.

  • Offers over 150,000 torrents
  • Average download speed: 110.4 Mbps
  • Banned in the UK and Australia, among others
  • Mirror websites and proxies:,,

6. TorLock – Best for ebooks and anime

Although TorLock offers a good selection of movies, TV shows, music and software, this website is particularly useful for downloading ebooks and anime, which can be much more difficult to find on the internet. The only downside of TorLock is the fact that download links might be a bit misleading and hard to spot, making it challenging to know which files are safe and authentic.

  • Offers over 4 million torrents
  • Average download speed: 59.7 Mbps
  • Banned in the UK, Australia and India
  • Mirror websites and proxies:,,

7. Torrentz2 – Best torrent site for music

Being the new version of the old Torrentz website, Torrentz2 is a fast and efficient torrent search engine. But even though it offers a large database of different types of files, the website puts a heavy focus on music, making it the best and most reliable option for audiophiles who are on the hunt for high-quality sounds.

  • Over 60 million torrents indexed
  • Average download speed: 86.9 Mbps
  • Mirror websites and proxies:

8. Zooqle – Best torrent site for gamers

With a healthy library of movies, TV shows, ebooks and software, Zooqle has quickly caught the attention of many torrenters around the globe. However, it’s the wide selection of games Zooqle offers that made it so popular in a short amount of time. As a newer website, its interface could use some improvements, but it’s an easy to use website overall that could help you find anything you’re looking for.

  • Offers over 3 million torrents
  • Average download speed: 39.1 Mbps
  • Mirror websites and proxies:,

9. LimeTorrents – The best alternative site

If one of your favorite torrent sites is down, LimeTorrents is one of the best alternatives, as it offers similar speeds and user interface to the most popular websites. With a simple and organized layout, LimeTorrents is incredibly easy to use, even for beginners. However, it mostly focuses on newer files and uploads, which can often make it difficult to find older releases.

  • Offers over 9 million torrents
  • Average download speed: 39.1 Mbps
  • Banned in the UK, Australia and France, among others
  • Mirror websites and proxies:,,

10. 1337x – A great torrent site alternative

Another brilliant alternative to the most popular torrent websites, 1337x has a clean, simple and organized interface that makes finding great files incredibly easy. As it recently underwent a massive rework, 1337x is now among the best torrent trackers in the world, offering a wide variety of movies, TV shows, games and music, both old and new.

  • Offers over 2 million torrents
  • Average download speed: 69.4 Mbps
  • Banned in the UK, Ireland, Australia and Austria
  • Mirror websites and proxies:,,

Proxies and mirror websites are listed in this article as an alternative, in case the original link doesn’t load. However, as most of these websites are blocked in many countries, it might be best to use a VPN when accessing any of them, in order to keep yourself safe and protected while torrenting.