Top 10 best PC games of the ’90s

There’s nothing quite like booting up a classic game on an old PC to instantly take you back to the more carefree period of your childhood. Many people tend to tout the ’90s as being the golden age of video gaming. However, this title should actually extend beyond just consoles; there were a variety of brilliant games to be played on the PC as well.

As the ’90s were quite a distinctly defined period for unique PC gaming experiences, let’s take a look at the top 10 best games of the decade:

1. Starcraft

Blizzard’s Starcraft is an enticing strategy odyssey that has been dubbed as a powerful all-time classic and is still being admired by many gamers worldwide.

In an incredibly masterful way, Starcraft balances the interesting RTS sensitivities with a pleasant interface that allows players to succeed. The three campaigns offered, all of which follow three different fractions, are all unique and provide their distinct enjoyment, as do the fractions themselves. However, the biggest value and enjoyment this RTS provides comes from its unbelievably attractive multiplayer, as well as its endless customization options.

2. Doom

Another classic, and an absolute fan favorite, Doom has dared to dive into uncharted territory back in the day, and it undoubtedly struck gold. This FPS didn’t only revolutionize gaming, but it also played a major role in creating shooters as we know them today.

Doom drops you into a number of different environments, which aren’t overly complex, but still, leave a lasting impression. The game also provides a variety of wonderful weapons, ultimately making it an adrenaline-filled classic that won’t be forgotten so easily.

3. Quake II

While the original Quake helped set the base for a more detailed first-person shooter, the Quake III actually put the focus on a more addictive multiplayer option. However, Quake II seems to incorporate the best of both versions. This game is based on an interesting alien premise, similarly to how Doom puts an emphasis on monsters.

Quake II also introduces new and enticing weapons, as well as a quite improved AI, a brilliant soundtrack, and a number of fun new enemies. With an elaborate yet intelligent design that still doesn’t feel too overpowering, Quake II seems to have another advantage over other classic games.

4. Diablo

Diablo is arguably one of the best dungeon-crawling RPGs out there, which might explain the game’s massive popularity even now, over twenty years later.

With its brilliant demonic lore, a wide variety of quests, and a fulfilling sense of progress, this wonderful adventure engages you every step of the way. Not only is Diablo’s gameplay flexibility quite impressive for the time, but the game is also filled with depth and complexity, emphasized by a number of spells, stats, and customization options, as well as simple yet appealing combat.

5. Myst

Even though the style of this click-based adventure puzzle might seem quite slow and simplistic to the modern gamer, Myst still remains among the most satisfying and complex puzzlers, even today. Feeling almost like an older, virtual version of an Escape Room, the only thing Myst offers are subtle clues, as well as your own brains for guidance.

Producing a sense of adventure and wonder, along with a bit of chilling isolation, the game is filled with creative puzzles and mysteries waiting to be solved as you work your way through the plot.

6. Everquest

For gamers who grew up in the ‘90s, Everquest truly felt like a massive breakthrough, and a brilliant new way to play RPGs. The sense of wonder they experienced when they explored the vast expanses of enticing 3D worlds with their friends couldn’t really be felt before.

With tons of unique quests, wonderful goodies, breathtaking environments, and endless expansion packs, Everquest wasn’t only an interesting and beautifully crafted adventure, but also a true trendsetter that even helped to create an entirely new genre – MMORPG.

7. SimCity 2000

There aren’t all that many games that managed to find that ideal line between complexity and simplicity quite as well as SimCity, and SimCity 2000 arguably represents the franchise at its best.

The new change to an isometric view makes for a more natural interface and an easier, more intuitive view of the cities waiting to be crafted. The game’s ability to provide satisfaction as you watch your cities grow and blossom are truly unmatched.

8. Unreal Tournament

Another gamechanger on the list that helped establish an entirely new genre, Unreal Tournament allowed the FPS style coined by Doom to fully form, with its complete online functionality and arena-style multiplayer.

Unreal Tournament focuses heavily on a rich multiplayer experience, which allows for endless adrenaline-fueled excitement for up to 16 players. Along with some wonderful level design, stellar physics, and a wide variety of interesting weapons, Unreal Tournament still remains among the most classic and iconic PC RPGs.

9. Baulder’s Gate

Before the pioneers of WRPG, Bioware, were making full 3D classics, they made a name for themselves with Baulder’s Gate, a true ‘90s masterpiece. Even though the game doesn’t look quite as neat and smooth as its modern counterparts, its abundant content and elaborate gameplay still make for a wonderful gaming experience.

With its immersive world-building, a rich and engrossing open-world gameplay, as well as intriguing lore that’s a pleasure to take in, Baulder’s Gate is a ‘90s gem that truly helped turn the genre of WRPG into what we know it today.

10. RollerCoaster Tycoon

Although it could be said the game is somewhat underrated, often getting lost in a myriad of Sim and Tycoon games, the addictive and utterly charming nature of RollerCoaster Tycoon make it a ‘90s classic that undoubtedly deserves a place on this list.

This innovative romp provides a wonderful foundation for some wildly interesting themes, allowing players to design their own unique theme parks, and watch their rollercoasters go. RollerCoaster Tycoon is truly filled with a variety of pleasurable content and assorted scenarios that always leave you wanting to come back for more.