Top 10 Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup Websites

Whether you’ve been spammed by telemarketers or annoyed by constant calls from unknown numbers, a reverse phone lookup tool can be quite helpful in today’s world.

This type of service can give you detailed information about any number you search for, from the name of the person calling you to their address, location and even email ID.

To help you combat the nuisance of constant unknown calls, here is a list of the best free reverse phone lookup websites that will give you all the info you need:

1. TrueCaller

Image: App Store / Truecaller

Often considered to be one of the best and most popular services for tracing unknown numbers for free, TrueCaller has a surprisingly vast database that stores over 3 billion different numbers. On the TrueCaller website, you can identify and locate any suspicious number in a matter of seconds.

However, the service also offers an Android app as the most well-known software. When the app is installed on your phone, there’s no need to actually type in an individual number. Any unknown call you receive will automatically show the true caller ID, thanks to the app, ultimately being the quickest and easiest way to trace suspicious calls.

2. BeenVerified

If you want to go a step further and even perform a background check on an unknown number, then BeenVerified is a great option for you.The service performs almost like a search engine for public records, making it incredibly simple to identify people based on their phone numbers, social profiles, etc.

Evidently, BeenVerified is a more advanced option than should be used when it’s necessary to find out the complete background of a caller, instead of doing the regular reverse phone lookup.

3. Reverse Phone Lookup

As the name suggests, Reverse Phone Lookup is another service that allows you to trace any call and is considered to be one of the most reliable. What’s more, the service prides itself in completing over one million successful phone lookups.

Just by entering a phone number on the website’s homepage, Reverse Phone Lookup will quickly provide you with all the necessary details about the caller, such as their name and address. The given results are considered to be among the most accurate when it comes to free phone lookup services.

4. AnyWho

A service that allows you to find info about people according to their names, addresses, and phone numbers, AnyWho is yet another reverse phone lookup service that even goes a step further, also allowing you to look up businesses and places based on their relevant information.

By simply entering a phone number and clicking a button, you will be able to receive all the necessary info through this website, and AnyWho is generally considered to be one of the best free services that allow you to do so.

5. MobileNumberTracker

Another free phone lookup service, MobileNumberTracker claims they can trace any number you search for online, boasting an extensive database of over 50 million people.

The service actually uses Google Maps to track and locate a number, providing you with names, addresses, mobile operators, and even the registered city upon entering a phone number into the search bar, all with no cost to you.

6. Hiya

A wonderful free number search service that is considered to be among the best, Hiya gives you the opportunity to identify unknown numbers, as well as to detect and effortlessly block spam calls. Apart from being available in a web format, the service also comes in the form of mobile apps that can be downloaded both on Android and iOS.

Allowing you to easily identify spam callers and caller IDs, thus shielding you from potential fraud, Hiya is a great option for when security is your main concern.

7. Phonebooks

Also a good free reverse phone lookup service, Phonebooks allows you to effortlessly identify unknown callers by their phone number, address, or even just their name.

Apart from being completely free to use, Phonebooks is also quite nicely and neatly designed, making it one of the most pleasant reverse lookup services to use.

8. WhitePages

Another great and efficient reverse phone number search service, WhitePages also claims to have one of the biggest databases out there. With the service’s free version, you are limited to the mobile carrier and the caller’s city and state, although the paid premium version will give you more information, such as the caller’s name and location.

Even though a good service overall, WhitePages is a better option for those instances when the details aren’t particularly important when it comes to tracking a call.

9. Pipl

Pipl is also considered to be one of the best services for tracing people. However, the nature of this lookup service differs from other phone number search websites. Instead of having their own database, Pipl actually uses other search engines to find all relevant information to your queries.

Pipl will allow you to identify a person not only by their phone number, but also their email address or social username. All you need to do is enter the relevant information into their website, and you will be provided with all the details in a matter of seconds.

10. Showcaller

Image: Play Store / Showcaller

Another wonderful phone lookup service, Showcaller is actually an app available on the Google Play Store. Once downloaded onto a mobile device, the app allows you to identify spam calls, block certain numbers, and even automatically show relevant information, such as the caller’s name and region.

What’s more, Showcaller will also give you the opportunity to easily access your recent contacts, and even text or call them with one single tap. With more than 100,000 downloads on the Play Store and a good overall rating, Showcaller is an incredibly simple app to use that even works quite well offline, making it one of the best mobile options.

As a brilliant way to help prevent scams and frauds, all of the reverse phone lookup services listed above can help you get all the necessary information on those constant unknown calls.