Top 10 Best Free Password Managers

From social media networks to secure online banking apps, nearly every website we visit nowadays asks us to create a user account, along with a password. In order to combat the issue of having to remember dozens of different passwords, some users resort to incredibly simple passwords for each account, while others memorize one complicated password they use everywhere. However, neither of these tactics will actually keep your accounts safe and secure on the internet.

The only solution is to think of strong and unique passwords for each online account, but the problem with that is memorizing them all. This is where password managers come in; they allow you to store all of your passwords in a safe place, helping you stay on top of your online activity.

To that end, here is a comprehensive list of the best free password managers you’ll love using:

1. KeePass

Image: KeePass

KeePass is a well-known free open-source software that is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Apart from storing all of your passwords and usernames in an encrypted file on your device, this software also allows for export and import of credentials in different file forms. KeePass also includes other password managing services, such as a built-in password generator, an autofill option, as well as two-step authentication, making it an overall great software that’s entirely free.

2. Sticky Password

Image: Sticky Password

Another famous name among password managers, Sticky Password is available on Windows and macOS, as well as Android and iOS, while also providing support for all popular browsers. The list of the software’s numerous features within the free version includes form filling, autofill, two-factor authentication, and even support for biometrics like fingerprint ID. However, Sticky Password also comes in a paid version that includes additional features, such as priority support, cloud backup, and sync across devices.

3. Dashlane

Image: Dashlane

A password manager app with a beautifully designed interface, Dashlane is another software that’s available across all major operating systems. Apart from encrypting your data safely and storing it locally, this software also includes popular features like form filling, autofill, two-factor authentication, and the import/export of credentials. What’s more, the Dashlane app could also double as a digital wallet, allowing you to securely store card and payment details. Although the free version of this app does offer unlimited password storage, it’s limited to one device only, meaning you’d need to opt for the paid premium option if you need cross-device syncing.

4. RoboForm

Image: RoboForm

Another password manager blessed with a clean and neat UI, RoboForm also offers support across all major platforms. The free version of this software will allow you to store unlimited passwords, fill forms automatically, and even log into websites with a single click. However, RoboForm also offers a paid version, along with additional premium perks, such as cloud sync. Either way, RoboForm is a great service that allows you to safely store all of your data, while even providing you with a password management tool that helps you calculate the strength and security of your passwords.

5. LastPass

Image: LastPass

Also a popular name among password managers, LastPass is a web browser extension that stores your data on its cloud servers, while offering multi-platform support. Apart from seamlessly importing your passwords from all browsers you are using, as well as any other password managers in case you’re making a switch, LastPass also offers an app for Windows 10, allowing you to manage your passwords and account even while offline.

6. LogMeOnce

Image: LogMeOnce

Even with the free version, LogMeOnce offers more features and benefits to its users than a number of other password managers, including password strength reports, cross-device sync, two-step authentication, biometrics support, and a digital wallet, among others. This software also includes a one-click function to automatically change any wear passwords into more secure ones, while even allowing for a beneficiary that will receive control of the account if anything were to happen to the original user.

7. TrueKey

Image: TrueKey

Another well-known password manager, TrueKey offers support for all major operating systems, as well as the most popular browsers. Apart from other features that can be found with similar software, TrueKey goes a step further with fingerprint and facial recognition, offering additional security measures. However, the free version of this software will only allow you to store up to 15 passwords, which might not be enough for many users.

8. Enpass

Image: Enpass

Available on a number of larger platforms, the free version of Enpass offers a variety of features to its users, including a password generator, data import, form autofill, cloud backup, family support, and fingerprint support, among others. Being a great password manager overall, the desktop version of Enpass is entirely free to use, including all of its handy features. If you’re using an Android device, however, the free app is limited to only storing up to 20 passwords.

9. Symantec Norton Identity Safe

Image: Norton Password Manager

Norton Identity Safe offers all the benefits of an average password manager. But what makes this software stand out is the fact that there is no paid premium version, meaning there will be no features unavailable to certain users. The password management software from the famous Symantec security company can store all your password info, offer one-click log-ins, and provide a simple way to fill out forms. While Identity Safe does have a password generator, it’s available separately, giving it a slight disadvantage compared to other password managers. However, the software provides seamless synchronization across all your devices, making it one of the most convenient tools to use.

10. Keeper

Image: Keeper

The final password manager on the list, Keeper arguably has the best and easiest to use interface out of the lineup. However, one major flaw is the fact that you don’t know exactly which features need to be paid for before you try using them for the first time. Either way, Keeper is available on all major operating systems, as well as browsers, allowing you to store passwords and payment details on all devices with a basic, yet still good password manager.

No matter which one of these password managing services you opt for, all of them are guaranteed to fit your needs, and keep you safe and secure on the internet.