3 things you should never post on social media

Sharing your personal life is very common in social media. You got an event pass, you are traveling somewhere or you had a party last night you must have posted it on social media. Hang on, and there are some things you should never share on social media.

Here we will tell you 3 things that you should never share on social media.

1. Event Tickets

You should never ever share an image of any event ticket on social media. You know every ticket has a barcode, and once you share its image you may lose your ticket.

You must be wondering why the reason is these days it is very easy to duplicate the bar code. There is a big chance someone can copy your ticket and get an entrance in the event,

2. Credit & Debit Cards

This is the most common but stupid mistake. If you don’t believe me check this twitter account: https://twitter.com/NeedADebitCard.

It looks quite fancy to share your new Credit Card with your friends, but trust me, this is the last thing you want to do. It can cause you not only loss of money, but also it can be the beginning of identity theft.

But still, if you want to share your new credit card picture on your social media account then make sure you have hidden all the numbers and your name.

3. Boarding Passes

If you are traveling and you want to share the news, don’t share the image of your boarding pass.

For a common person, there is nothing to hide in the boarding pass, but in reality, your boarding passes are a doorway to the bigger picture of the story. Never post them.

Your boarding pass has huge information about you, and if someone cracked your bar code on your boarding pass he would have access to all the information.

The information can be anything from your travel details, frequent flyer account, personal information, phone number and any future flights you have booked.

This can be lethal information for someone who has the habit to use the information for the wrong purpose.

So if you want to post your boarding pass on social media, you might want to be a bit strategic with your photo and make sure that no unique barcodes and numbers are visible.

Be cautious while sharing your information on social media.