Top 10 Best Temporary Email Services

Whether a website you don’t trust is asking for an email address or you’re simply trying to answer a Craigslist ad, there could be a number of different instances where you wouldn’t want to use your real email address, mostly due to safety concerns. This is where temporary email addresses come in.

Disposable email services work by providing you with an email address that only lasts a couple of minutes (or as long as you’re logged in with it), allowing you to temporarily access websites without giving out any personal information.

Considering the fact that the number of temporary email services is incredibly high nowadays, here are some of the best providers whose services you’ll actually want to use:

1. 10 Minute Mail

As its name implies, this service gives you a temporary email address that automatically deactivates after 10 minutes. However, you can extend this period by another 10 minutes if needed, just by clicking the “refresh” button. As a free service that’s incredibly simple to use, 10 Minute Mail is a great option for those websites that require a sign-up for entry, or even for new one-time subscriptions and email verifications when you don’t wish to use your own email address.

2. E4ward

This temporary email service will allow you to create multiple aliases, although only with the paid premium version. However, you still have the option of creating one alias with the free service, as well as making a custom domain name. What’s more, E4ward will also forward the emails created with the aliases to your actual email address, being a useful and beneficial service all around, for a number of different purposes.

3. Mailinator

This service will allow you to create any alias you wish, but keep in mind that Mailinator is in a public domain, meaning that every disposable email address can be used by someone else as well. However, any emails you receive will be automatically deleted, allowing for privacy and security. Mailinator also provides a paid premium plan that will allow you to create a personal alias no one else can have access to, for additional safety and privacy.

4. Nada

Nada is another temporary email service that actually came from the team that created AirMail. With this service, you can create multiple aliases and domains that can easily be deleted after they’re no longer needed. What’s more, Nada will also provide a temporary inbox, which will remain active as long as your domain is in use. For this reason, Nada is a great option when signing up for certain websites and subscriptions that require confirmation, without giving out your actual email address.

5. Temp-Mail

Temp-Mail is another public temporary email service that works similarly to Mailinator. This means that the same aliases can be used by different people, all of whom will automatically receive the same emails as well. As the service virtually doesn’t offer any privacy at all, Temp-Mail isn’t recommended for creating online accounts and signing up for subscription services of any sort, although it could be a good option for simply accessing sign-up based websites.

6. Guerrilla Mail

Despite the fact that registration isn’t required for using this temporary email service, Guerrilla Mail will give you the option of choosing your own desired alias and domain name. What’s more, you also have the option of sending emails to any address using this service, and any emails you receive will automatically be deleted after an hour. The IP addresses of the senders will get embedded in the email subject as well, making for the overall perfect combination of privacy and convenience.

7. ThrowAwayMail

This temporary email service will give each user a unique disposable email ID that will allow you to communicate with any website of your choice. Keep in mind that the ThrowAwayMail service lasts for 48 hours. It can be extended by another 48 hours if the website is visited again, otherwise, it will be automatically deleted. It’s also worth mentioning you might need to enable cookies and javascript in your browser in order to allow ThrowAwayMail to work properly.

8. MohMal

Being the Arabic phrase for “junk mail”, MohMal is a disposable email service that allows users to either choose their own alias and domain or generate a random option. However, any email address you create with this service will be automatically deleted within 45 minutes, in order to ensure protection from misuse. Of course, this time frame can be extended by periodically refreshing the page, and your email can be kept for a longer period if necessary. What’s more, MohMal provides support for a number of different languages, which can be incredibly beneficial to certain users.

9. YOPmail

YOPmail is another service that doesn’t require registration, but it does allow you to choose your own alias. You will also get a disposable inbox where you can store your emails for up to eight days, after which they will be automatically deleted. Along with a clean and simple user interface, YOPmail also offers support for multiple languages, making it quite easy to use. However, this service won’t allow you to compose and send emails to any other providers, only to those domains also used by YOPmail.

10. Email On Deck

Email On Deck will provide you with a unique, individual email address that you can use either to sign up for websites and services or to receive other emails. This service doesn’t have a specific time limit during which your emails will be stored, meaning it’s best for continued correspondence and services. What’s more, you can even use recovery tokens on Email On Deck in order to recover any email address you might have deleted. Here, you can also get a paid premium service that will give you access to multiple temporary emails, as well as exclusive domains, and the choice to store your emails locally.

Although the number of available temporary email services is nearly endless, this list contains only the best websites that are safe, trusted, and secure.