The 5 most useful high tech gadgets for your kid’s room

If you have watched the Season 3 of the comedy show Silicon Valley, you would definitely remember Russ Hanneman-the billionaire that “put a radio on the Internet”. Mr. Russ had a personal assistant parenting technology that managed all his parenting activities, the “mean ones” according to him (like asking his boy to switch off the TV), while he is only left with the affectionate ones (like bringing home ice cream).

Well, what this article is about is different, the anecdote was just to show the capabilities of tech in parenting. Here, we would look at very high tech gadgets for your kid’s room that can do well to improve the quality of parenting you give to him/her or them.

1. SmartDuvet

The SmartDuvet comes with a control box and concealed air channels and chambers. These can be manipulated to manage the heating and cooling of your kid, depending on the weather, all from an associated app; whether it is to inflate the duvet or unfurl it. It has an embedded climate management tech that helps parents monitor the temperature to ascertain what the appropriate temperature is for the kid lying under the duvet.

The duvet can neatly fit under the existing duvet and bedding. And with all these features, it certainly is worth its price that range from $279 to $369; the price varies based on the size of the duvet.

2. Mother

When I was a kid, I actually believed my mom had a way of knowing everything; it was either she had eyes behind her heads or she recorded everything my eye had seen and played them back when she returned. I could not quite work it out. This gadget might have just been what I was trying to figure out. And no, it’s not creepy. You simply place the device in your kid’s room along with its cookies. The device helps you track what your kid is up to so that you can interfere if things are not going as they ought to. The cookies send information to your mobile device. It costs around $299.

3. Glance Clock


Kids can sometimes be carried away by the numerous activities they line up for a day. For instance, I know kids that maintain to-do lists like this:

Wake up and freshen up
Watch cartoon
Watch cartoon
Watch cartoon…

Well, think of a clock that can help them stay organized, without missing out when its time for a nap and when its time for all upcoming events. No more FOMO for you or your kids, the lighted up clock has a display that makes it abundantly clear when its time for all the activities you have lined up for your kids. It goes for $199.

4. Cloud b Twinkles To Go Octo

Have you noticed that it now takes longer to serenade your kid to sleep? Well, maybe you need a new and extra touch to cut down the time. This $20 toy can be described as an octopus night light projector and it can help you do just that. The lighting lures them off into the beauty of REM sleep as quickly as you can imagine.

5. Ubooly

Remember Russ Hanneman? Well, it appears there is actually a “Siri” or more correctly, a personal assistant robot for kids. Let us imagined an app that helps kids imagine, helps them learn in exciting ways and responds to educative questions; we just thought of Ubooly. Its a great app for kids and it costs $30 to get one.