Don’t make these 5 smart home mistakes

Smarthomes are a new reality; every passing year, new homes are becoming smart homes. Today every person has access to smart devices, but the thing is building a smart home is not easy.

It is exciting when you buy your first smart home device, and it could be a bulb and a speaker to turn it on. But before you buy the best smart light bulb you might have traveled along before you got the best one.

There are some common mistakes that people make before they install their smart home. Here in this article, we will discuss 5 mistakes that are common people make in smart homes.

1. Not choosing the right name for smart devices

The first thing you need to do is install the smart home devices and name them well. Unless you act smartly, you will lose track of your devices. You need to name the devices smartly so you can remember which light or smart device explicitly. If you are using names like a blue bulb or bulb 1 is not effective terms to use. You need to name them smartly like bedroom lamps, window lights or anything that is easy to remember.

2. Not the right number of smart speakers

It is important to think and consider how many speakers you need in your home. The speakers are the main tool to communicate, you can start with one speaker, but you need to think smartly once you are familiarized with all the devices.

If you are not using many devices you can stick to one, but if you have large a number of smart home devices you need more speakers.

3. Think grouping devices is not a good idea

Grouping devices in one area are a good idea, with small grouping techniques you can turn on and off the devices with simple commands. But it needs a smart speaker in every room where you have smart lights.

4. Smart bulbs but old switches

Smart bulbs need smart switches. If you install smart bulbs but use the same classic switches, then you are making trouble for yourself. You can turn on and turn off the smart lights with one single command, and you can do the same if you are using the same old switches and someone turns it off you cannot turn on the lights with a single command.

5. Be concise in the selection of apps and brands

You don’t need to fill your home with seven brands and their devices. You can just say you need to keep things simple.

When you go shopping, you can see multiple brands with tempting devices, the last thing you can do is buy different devices.

The fact is different brands come with different apps, and if you buy random you have no choice to install all apps, and it will make things hard.


Smart homes are the homes of the future, but if not handled carefully, these can make your life miserable instead of making it easier.

You need to start a smart home carefully, and you might start with one room and expand it once you get familiarized.

Smart homes make lives easy, and they don’t need to be complicated and make you frustrated. If you don’t start smartly it will make your life hard. But if you keep these 5 mistakes in mind and avoid these, then your smart home will really be a smart home.