Is There An App Which Takes A Picture When Someone Tries To Unlock Your iPhone?

Our iPhones are like extensions of our bodies, these days, and when someone tries to snoop on your iPhone, or unlock it without your express permission, it can feel like the grossest violation of privacy and security in the world. 

Thankfully, there are a few ways to dissuade people from snooping, and even a way to catch them red-handed, in the middle of the act. 

Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about an app which takes a picture whenever someone tries to unlock your phone! 

There are actually a few of these apps on the iPhone Apple App Store, and they work a treat. The way they tend to work is that you download them, link them to your email, and then leave them be. 

Whenever someone (including yourself) tries to unlock your iPhone and fails (i.e. enters an incorrect password or passcode), your iPhone will surreptitiously take a photo with the front-facing camera.

This photo (which will be of the snooper’s face) will then be automatically and immediately sent to your linked email (provided your iPhone has internet connection either via cellular data or WiFi). With this photo, you can confront the snooper, or even seek intervention from your local police department.

But what app are we talking about? Well, our personal favorite is one which is available for both iOS and Android devices. It’s called Lookout and is the brainchild of a San Francisco-based mobile security company. Lookout is completely free to download and will give you total peace of mind. 

If you have any other questions linked to this topic, or would like further information on anti-snooping measures you can take on your iPhone, please direct your attention to our FAQ section below.


Why would I need an app to take a picture when someone tries to unlock my iPhone?

It might initially sound a little strange to be taking pictures on your phone whenever an attempt is made to unlock it. Unfortunately, however, in the midst of the Digital Age, such security measures are a real necessity in certain situations. The main reason you might need an app which takes a picture when someone tries to unlock your phone is in order to help you and the police track a thief in the event that your phone is stolen. 

In such a situation, whenever the thief attempts to break into your phone by attempting to input the password, your phone will surreptitiously take a picture of that person and email the picture to you. With the photo of your thief in your possession, you can show it to the police who can use it as evidence in the investigation.

Of course, it’s not always for purposes of dissuading thieves that you may look to get an app which takes a picture when someone tries to unlock your iPhone. Sometimes you may download such an app because you suspect that someone close to you – perhaps a partner, friend or family member – is snooping on your iPhone without your express permission.

For this, an app which uses the front-camera to take a picture of them and then emails it to you would allow you to sneakily see which of your loved ones is the offender. With their photo to hand, you can confront them knowing that it definitely is them who’s been snooping around your iPhone.

What should I do if I catch someone trying to unlock my iPhone without my permission?

If the app we recommend above catches a snooper in the act of trying to hack into your phone, then there are a few things you may look to do, depending on the situation.

If the situation is not serious – for example, you’ve caught your mom trying to unlock your phone – then with the picture you can simply calmly approach her and tell her that you know she’s been trying to get into her phone. You can ask her why she was, and tell her you don’t want her to do it anymore. That it’s an invasion of your privacy which makes you uncomfortable, for example.

However, if the situation is more serious – you’ve lost your phone or had it stolen, and the security app has snapped a pic of the thief – then your first recourse should be to contact your local police department and give them the photograph. They’ll be able to use it to assist in their investigation, and could even use it as evidence at a later date against the criminal.

How would I know if someone’s been snooping on my iPhone without this app?

If you don’t have the app, but still suspect that someone’s snooping on your iPhone, then there are other things you can do and look for in order to determine if your suspicions are correct.

The first thing we would highly recommend doing is setting a password or passcode on the lock screen if you haven’t already. This way, it will make it much harder for anyone to snoop on your iPhone the next time they try. Following this, we’d recommend using antivirus or anti-spyware software (get an app like Malwarebytes or McAfee or Norton Antivirus) to scan your phone for any signs of malicious use.

After following both of the above recommendations, there are a few clear signs of snooping that you can look out for on your iPhone. These signs are:

  • Sudden malfunctioning and/or glitching of your device
  • Unexpected battery drainage in an unusually short amount of time
  • Your screen starts flashing blue or red
  • An unexpected peak in the usage levels of your cellular data