Is There a Calculator App On The iPad?

Not all of the apps on the iPhone are available on the iPad. A few of Apple’s stock iOS applications that are accessible on the iPhone are not found on the iPad. One of them is the Calculator App.

There is no default calculator app on the iPad. Luckily, there are many third-party applications in the Apple App Store. Check out how to use such calculator apps to assist you in your calculations on the iPad.

Calculator Pro

It is effortlessly the finest calculator app for iPad as it allows multitasking; therefore, a person can carry on their research and solve a heavy math-exam side by side.

Step 1: Launch Calculator Pro

Step 2: Complete the calculation

Step 3: Switch to landscape mode to achieve the scientific calculator

Step 4: Try altering themes that are offered

Step 5: Continue with the tasks being performed in another app


It is ultimately a tough calculator application so far. Regardless of the nature of a person’s job; engineer, chemist, scientist, or dealer of other heavy expressions, PCalc can be anyone’s ideal assistance.

Step 1: Perform advanced calculations

Step 2: Switch to a free RPN mode

Step 3: Access the history to manage and alter later

Step 4: Undo and redo any calculations

Step 5: Perform octal, hexadecimal and binary calculations

MyScript Calculator

It fits perfectly into the iPad set-up. With an excellent, accessible interface, a stress-free layout, and is spontaneous. It could also be utilized to play the role of an educational tool for school going kids.

Step 1: Launch the MyScript Calculator

Step 2: Swiftly doodle any essential math functions to solve

Step 3: It will convert your handwriting into alphanumeric calculations.

Step 4: Add in portions of any equation

Step 5: Question marks denote what needs to be calculated

Step 6: It will add up the required solution in the blanks

The Calculator — Free and Simple Calculating!

Along with being free, it is a very simple and user-friendly way to start calculations. It offers all the scientific features and buttons one may require, along with an integrated currency converter. It is a perfect fit for a calculator for any calculations.

Step 1: Perform currency conversions

Step 2: Choose from the 70 themes.

Step 3: Use any scientific functions required

Spotlight search

It is not a scientific calculator. Therefore, even though there is no designated keypad, you can still input scientific calculations and follow these instructions to perform simple calculations:

Step 1: Slide below from the upper part of your display

Step 2: Enter any calculations or queries in the spotlight search bar like 2+2

Step 3: It will recognize whether it is a doable calculator question.

Step 4: Get the answer just underneath the search bar.

Step 5: Perform any further complex calculations that you have, using the rules of BODMAS

How To Use The Spotlight Calculator:

It is a very proficient tool for the execution of:

Step 1: Solve simple and basic mathematical expressions. Plus sign (+) for addition, hyphen (-) for subtraction, the letter x or the asterisk (*) for multiplication, and the slash (/) for the division.

Step2: Use parentheses to represent multiplication.

Step 3: Perform percentages and exponents denoted by % and, respectively.

Step 4: Add some of the mathematical constants like Archimedes’ constant, by keying in “pi,” and Euler’s number by keying in “e.”

While there is no default calculator app on the iPad, there are very good third-party alternatives. With one of these calculator apps, you will get your calculations done fast.