Is the Nintendo Switch Good for Two Players?

Nintendo has been a favorite for people for decades with its reliable consoles. But for the past decade, we saw the same type of console come out over and over again with only one difference – the logo on it. Companies got used to selling the same thing with minor tweaks until Nintendo changed the game in 2017 with the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo switch was a first of its kind, hybrid gaming console. What looks like a regular handheld gaming device at first, could turn into a home gaming console within seconds! Giving the user a “best of both worlds experience”.

When you see one of these for the first time, it can be challenging to comprehend just how much of a punch this small device packs.

Nintendo Switch: How does the “Switch” work?

The device has been given the name “Switch” because of its unique ability to switch from a handheld to a TV console instantly.

It does this using the dock it comes with. The dock is supposed to stay connected to your TV at all times (to cut back on set up time). Whenever you want to connect the Switch to the TV, take off the joy-cons and slide the switch into the dock and it will immediately switch over to console mode.

2 Players on the Nintendo Switch

Once you’re in the console mode, you can either stick with single-player mode by connecting both the joy-cons to a joy-con grip – making it function like a regular standard taking controller or you can take both of them and connect them to the smaller grips and turn them each into a mini controller instead and play as two players instead.

The two-player mode not only works well if you’re docking the switch but also if you’re on the go. Separate the joy-cons, slide them on the grips, and use the screen as a “tiny tv” instead. It will work the same way as it would if a TV is connected to the controllers.

If you have spare joy-cons, you can connect up to 4 to the same switch and play in split-screen mode!

For people that want to use both the joy-cons but still be able to play with friends, you can easily connect your Nintendo Switch’s and Nintendo Switch Lite to a local offline network and always be able to play together seamlessly.

The best gaming console for 2 players

The convenience of being able to play with another player on the same device regardless of whether you have access to a TV or not makes the Nintendo Switch the best gaming console for two players available today. The fact that you can add even more players to each game is a bonus!