Is Roblox better than Minecraft?

Roblox and Minecraft are classic hits, which has been enticing gamers since the early 2000s. Although Minecraft came out three later than Roblox, it became a worldwide hit and has been a gamers’ delight to this day. However, many gamers prefer Roblox over Minecraft for several reasons. So is Roblox better than Minecraft?

Yes, Roblox is better than Minecraft as it offers numerous features that Minecraft fails to deliver for players. We have researched for hours and consulted numerous game experts and gamers to provide a list of ten reasons why Roblox is better than Minecraft.

10 Reasons why Roblox is better than Minecraft

1. Lots of options

Roblox offers a lot of games for its users. After you sign up for an account, you can play many games depending on your mood. These games include tycoon games, murder mysteries, racing, survival games, storyline based games, and even custom worlds that you can explore. This massive game selection offers different gaming experience to the players, so many gamers prefer Roblox over Minecraft.

2. Vehicles access in Roblox

Minecraft offers several game features, such as flying, gliding, and climbing, but misses out on providing vehicles in its games. Roblox comes with a car creation system where players create cars and upload them for the entire Roblox community. These cars include Limos, monster trucks, and racing cars, among others. The presence of cars makes it a delightful gaming experience for users.

3. The Roblox Studio

Roblox’s most exciting part is a dedicated Roblox studio that helps users create maps and structures. Unlike Minecraft, where players had to build while playing the game, the Roblox studio offers gamers special software to make game structures and custom elements outside of the game. This software allows you to create maps from different angles and provides access to various game elements.

4. Supports multiple platforms and devices

Unlike Minecraft, where you are limited to playing different versions of the same game for other devices and consoles, Roblox supports numerous platforms and devices. For instance, if you love playing a Roblox game on a PC, you can continue playing it on a mobile device without losing your progress. Additionally, Roblox allows players to join the same server despite using different gaming platforms.

5. No Mods required

With several mods available for download, Minecraft offers transformations in your gaming experience. However, you have to download and install them manually, which can take a toll, especially if you don’t know which one to choose. Roblox comes with numerous custom worlds, and so you don’t have to waste your time downloading different mods. You can download a custom world on the Roblox site and try it. Additionally, Roblox creates games consistently so that you get to play new games every time.

6. Support for different block shapes and sizes

Unlike Minecraft, where everything stacks up in blocks of the same size, users using Roblox Studio can create a more realistic world. The software allows you to scale the blocks according to your requirements, making it a lot easier for you to get the desired design and shape. Additionally, Roblox also provides slopes and angled pieces, which allow you to be creative and create realistic worlds. The software also offers several color palettes and textures to its users.

7. Creative modes

Unlike Minecraft, Roblox offers users the ability to create maps, obstacles, and custom villains created with different animals. This ability to create and customize different playing modes allow Roblox to become a better gaming service than Minecraft as it keeps the players engaged as well as creative.

8. Ability to create custom characters

Roblox’s most significant advantages over Minecraft are to develop and personalize custom characters rather than using in-built default avatars. This customization allows you to personalize your avatar the way you want, which enhances the gaming experience. The Roblox studio features a lot of customization and accessories, which you can use to design different avatars. These customizations allow you to conveniently identify yourself and others while gaming, especially while playing multiplayer games.

9. Better Multiplayer and chat support

One of the most significant advantages of Roblox is the ability to play with different players irrespective of their platform and server. You can log into a game from any device and play with other players. This ability makes Roblox games more engaging and entertaining. Additionally, the Roblox chat function is far superior to Minecraft’s and provides voice chat for some platforms.

10. Earn real cash

While Minecraft has many players worldwide that earn money from indirect sources, Roblox offers its players to make money from their games directly. Roblox features a digital currency called Robux, which players can use to buy additional game items or real cash. As players level up in Roblox, they gain Robux by adding custom worlds and vehicles. This ability to convert Robux into real money makes Roblox better than Minecraft.