This Is How You Install The Tor Browser In 6 Easy Steps

If you want to remain anonymous and have maximum privacy online, you should use Tor. With the Tor Browser, you have easy access to the Tor network. The Tor browser works almost the same as any other browser, except that it sends your requests through the Tor network to keep you anonymous.

This way it is way harder for people to see what you do online. Okay, so now you know what the browser is, how do we install the Tor Browser? Follow these steps.

How to install the Tor Browser

  1. Go to and click the big purple button do download the tor browser (the website will try to auto-detect your operating system and serve you the correct download) or follow our tutorial on how to download the Tor Browser

  1. After downloading, open the file to start the installation

  1. Choose the language you want for the Tor Browser and click the OK button

  1. Select the installation location or leave the default location and click on Install

  1. Select the ‘Run Tor Browser’ option and click Finish

  1. Click Connect in the next screen

Now the Tor Browser is installed and should start (the first time may take a few minutes while the browser configures a few things). When you see the ‘Explore. Privately.’ message you can start surfing the deep web (dark web) and reach .onion addresses.

Frequently asked questions

How do I uninstall the tor browser?

Uninstalling the Tor browser is very simple as it is never really installed but just a folder on your computer. If you want a simple guide on how to uninstall the Tor browser in a few simple steps you can follow the steps outlined in that article.