How to Win Mario Kart 8

Being the undeniable fan favorite, Mario Kart is an ever-popular game that’s considered to be a true classic by many. The latest version of this series, Mario Kart 8, is still maintaining its popularity after all this time. For that reason, it comes as no surprise that some people are trying it out for the first time, even today, and haven’t exactly got the hang of this brilliant game.

If you are one of these players, and would like some additional tips to help you succeed in the game, here are some ways you could start winning in Mario Kart 8:

Start the race off with a boost

As with every other Mario Kart edition, you have the option of starting your races more quickly, with an added boost. However, the timing is different in every game, and it needs to be done just right in order to work.

The trick for mastering the boost in Mario Kart 8 is to press on the accelerator the moment the number 2 shows up on the screen. Then, just hold the accelerator down during the entire countdown, and you will shoot off with the fastest boost.

Know how to drift efficiently

Another aspect present in all Mario Kart games, drifting is essential for winning races. But, this edition comes with new drift levels, allowing you to achieve an even bigger boost of speed while racing.

All you truly have to do is maintain a drift for as long as possible. You will slowly start to see different colored sparks appear, from blue, through orange, and then to pink. The pink boost is the highest drift level, allowing you to receive a bigger and longer boost than ever before.

Learn to maintain your lead

The further ahead you get in any Mario Kart race, the lower quality power-ups you will receive as you progress. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean those little gifts are useless; they actually have a great purpose.

For instance, if you receive a green shell while in the lead, don’t throw it out immediately. Instead, keep it for when you see a red homing shell, and then press down on the L button. By doing this, you will manage to put your green shell at the back of your kart, thus having something to take the impact from a homing missile.

Get ahead with slipstream

If you’re not in the lead, however, there is a little trick you could use to get there. Just align your kart as best as possible with the one in front of you, and after a couple of seconds, you will start to experience a slipstream that will instantly boost your speed. Remember, this helpful boost lasts for as long as you notice small wisps on the screen.

Utilize available shortcuts

In Mario Kart 8, each track has a couple of its own shortcuts, available to those who are eager to search for them. If you want to find them yourself, it’s recommended to use the single player option to carefully explore the track in question before racing with others.

Keep in mind that many of these shortcuts will go through rougher and more difficult terrain, meaning you might need some sort of a speed boost when passing through them, in order to actually get an advantage.

Remember to collect those coins

During the beginning of a race, make it a point to collect as many coins as possible, as they will give your engine a tiny bit of tune-up, as well as some additional speed. However, you can only enjoy the benefits of these boosts when you collect 10 coins maximum; anything you collect after that is merely extra.

Keep in mind that there might also be additional opportunities for grabbing coins throughout the race when either you or other players are forced to crash. If possible, make it a point to pick up a couple of coins in these instances as well.

All of the little tips and tricks mentioned above are great ways to improve your racing and start winning games. However, it will all come down to plenty of practice, and a bit of luck, before you begin winning every single one.