How to Watch Videos on the Tor Browser

The Tor browser is arguably the most popular internet browser that ensures the safety, security, and anonymity of its users. However, with such a great focus on protection, some other aspects of casual internet surfing you’re used to might not be available in this browser.

For instance, Tor will automatically block Flash, Quicktime, and other similar plugins, as these plugins are generally thought to be unsafe, and could potentially compromise your anonymity. This means that you simply can’t watch videos on any platforms that require plugins when using the Tor browser. So, what can you do?

Watching videos on Tor

Any website or platform that doesn’t require an additional plugin should play videos without any issues in the Tor browser. This includes YouTube as well, as this website also supports HTML5 video playback, which doesn’t need any plugins in order to work.

However, after the latest Tor update, many users have reported issues with video playback when it comes to YouTube and other similar video hosting platforms. If this is the current problem you are facing as well, here are some steps you could take:

  1. Changing the security level
  • Open the Tor browser, and click on the Shield icon at the top.
  • Here, press on the Advanced security settings option.
  • Now, simply change your security level to Safer.

    2. Trying a new circuit or identity

  • Open the Tor browser, and click on the hamburger menu at the top.
  • Here, press on the New Identity option in order to switch to a new circuit. Keep in mind that all tabs will be closed and all activity stopped with this option.
  • Alternatively, you could also select the New Tor Circuit for This Site option here. This action will reload your active tabs and connect them to a new circuit for optimal performance.

    3. Trying other alternatives

If neither of the options mentioned above has helped you to successfully play YouTube videos, it might be a good idea to visit a website such as Invidious in an effort to find the video you were hoping to watch, and play it without any issues.

While the Tor browser should theoretically allow you to play most of the videos you can find online, the guide above will hopefully help you to resolve any problems you might have, and finally play some of the videos that couldn’t be loaded after the latest update.