How To Wash A Sand Cloud Towel

Sand Cloud towels are a popular beach accessory thanks to their super-soft, super-absorbent Turkish cotton material, which dries fast and doesn’t collect sand and dirt in the way regular bath towels do. Whilst fantastic in those regards, Sand Cloud towels must be washed in a specific way in order to avoid their colors bleeding and dyeing your other clothes/laundry.

To learn how to wash a Sand Cloud towel, follow our simple steps below. For all other information, or if you have further questions which you’d like answered, please see our FAQ section at the end of this article.

How to wash a Sand Cloud towel

  1. Before bringing your Sand Cloud towel home from your outing to wash, grab your towel by one end and shake it hard, flapping it up and down until you can see no more sand or dirt coming from it
  2. Once home, wash your Sand Cloud towel(s) separately to each other and all other laundry
  3. Fill a basin with cold water and (optionally) a little pH-neutral soap
  4. Grab your Sand Cloud towel and submerge it in the basin of cold water
  5. Using your hands, scrunch and rub the Sand Cloud towel in the cold water all over to remove any dirt and grime
    1. Note: If you see your Sand Cloud towel’s dye running, don’t worry – this is totally natural for tie-dyed materials during the first few washes
  6. Remove your Sand Cloud towel from the basin and gently wring it out over the sink to remove as much water as possible
  7. Hang your Sand Cloud towel up to air dry (do not use a dryer)

Note: Sand Cloud towels should be hand washed in cold water on their own for the first several washes. After this, once any dye has stopped bleeding from the towel, you can include the towel alongside other laundry in your machine, provided you put the machine onto a cold hand wash cycle, and no other kind of cycle.

And there you have it! Seven simple steps on how to wash a Sand Cloud towel safely and effectively. If you have any other questions or want more info on the topic, see our FAQs below.


What is a Sand Cloud towel?

Sand Cloud is a brand that manufactures high-quality beach towels from 100% Turkish cotton. A Sand Cloud towel is designed to absorb just as much water from your body as a regular bath or hand towel, and yet dry much faster. Perhaps the most attractive aspect of a Sand Cloud towel, however, is that the material it’s made from is also designed not to attract sand, grass, moss, or debris. 

When you go to the beach, park, or campsite, and lay out your towel to sunbathe or lounge upon, it can quickly accrue all manner of dirt and debris, not least sand. Anyone who’s ever used their regular bath towel outdoors knows that no matter how much shaking they do, the towel will still retain plenty of sand and grass and thus track it back into the house.

Sand Cloud towels are designed specifically not to do this. They can be easily shaken free of sand, whilst still retaining all the important qualities of a good towel. What’s more, 10% of all sales of Sand Cloud towels go to helping marine wildlife. Sand Cloud towels are available in lots of different designs and colors, including tie-dye. As such, they require careful cleaning.

Can you wash a Sand Cloud towel along with your normal towels?

In time, it may become possible for you to wash your Sand Cloud towel in amongst your other clothes and towels. However, according to the Sand Cloud website, they highly recommend washing your Sand Cloud towel separate to all other laundry for at least the first few washes, since tie-dyed materials bleed easily for the first few washes.

Furthermore, as you’ll read above, Sand Cloud towels must be washed on a cold-wash cycle. Thus, even after the bleeding period, you may elect not to wash your Sand Cloud towel(s) in with your household towels/laundry, since the latter is better cleaned on hot wash setting. 

How much do Sand Cloud towels cost?

Sand Cloud offers towels of all different sizes, as well as towel bundles for the whole family. As such, it’s difficult to say exactly how much each different product costs in one concise FAQ section. Suffice it to say, on average a Sand Cloud towel will cost you somewhere in the region of $50-$70 USD.

Images: Sand Cloud