How to update VLC Media Player

VLC Media player is the most popular open-source video player which plays almost everything and every format. VLC Media player is available for all platforms (yes, even Android and iOS) and you don’t need any additional codec packs to play videos. And most important: VLC is completely free to use, without any ads, spyware, or whatsoever. If you have already installed VLC media player you can follow this guide to update the player. We will walk you through the update process in this article.

How to update VLC

  • Open the VLC Media player
  • Go to Help -> Check for Updates

After clicking on Check for Updates, VLC will check online for updates. If there is a new update available it will give you a prompt question Do you want to download it?, click Yes. After clicking Yes VLC will download the newest update for the media player and asks if you want to close VLC and install it now? Click on Install. Make sure the Upgrade VLC using previous settings option is selected to keep all your settings and preferences and follow the installation wizard to update the media player.