How To Unlock Samsonite Luggage If You Forget The Code

Forgetting the code on a combination lock sucks at the best of times. But what if that lock belongs to a piece of luggage, say a suitcase, and you’ve just landed at your hotel for a week’s long vacation… Now that’s a bummer. 

Thankfully, it’s totally possible to rediscover your Samsonite luggage combination lock code if you’ve forgotten it. To learn how to do so, simply follow our step-by-step instructions below.

For any other information, or if you have other questions, see our FAQ section at the end of this article.

How to unlock Samsonite luggage when you’ve forgotten the code

  1. Position your luggage so that you can see the combination lock clearly
  2. Open the Camera app on your smartphone, and then turn it onto Video (usually by swiping along from ‘Photo’ to ‘Video’)
  3. Turn on the Flash on Video mode by tapping the flash icon and selecting the lightning bolt which turns Flash on immediately
  4. Using your phone’s video mode with flash as a magnifying glass, frame the Samsonite combination lock in view with your phone, and then use two fingers pinching outward on the screen to zoom in until the first of the combination lock digits fills up the screen
  5. You should be able to see the digit wheel itself reflecting the light of your phone’s torch; but you should also be able to see a single metal bar/spoke in the groove to the right of the wheel also reflecting light.
    1. To find the starting point for this number, slowly turn the wheel until this single reflective metal bar changes reflective appearance (you should at some point land on a number on which the bar looks duller, or like two horizontal bars, reflecting your phone’s flashlight back with a gap in the middle)
    2. Now leave this first digit wheel on that number
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the two subsequent digit wheels of the combination lock, until in the groove of each of them, your flashlight catches the reflection of a spoke which looks different to the spokes reflected on each of the 9 other number options.
  7. Now, the numbers on your combination lock right now aren’t actually the code to your Samsonite luggage. However, from here it’s quick and easy to get to the code
  8. Turn each digit wheel forward five (5) times
    1. For example: if they are currently at 3-2-6, turn them forward until they are 8-7-1 (five digits up from each of the numbers in turn)
    2. The new position of your Samsonite luggage combination lock is the code you had forgotten
  9. Your Samsonite luggage’s combination lock should now open without a hitch! 

And there you have it – the safecracker’s expert tip to help you get into your Samsonite combination lock luggage after you’ve forgotten the code. Just make sure to make a better note of the code for next time! 

If you have any other questions, or would like some additional information, please direct your attention to our FAQ section below.


What is Samsonite luggage?

What is Samsonite luggage

Samsonite International S.A. is a manufacturer of luggage and other travel goods. One of the major attractions of Samsonite luggage is the fact that it is touted as one of the safer and more secure luggage manufacturers in the world. The reason for this is that Samsonite luggage tends to come with a combination lock (and sometimes key lock) built right into each piece of luggage.

With a combination lock, the key to it exists only in your head, or perhaps in a safe place you’ve written it down in. This makes Samsonite luggage incredibly secure because no-one but you knows the key to opening it. However, it can also be a nuisance in the unfortunate situation of finding yourself having forgotten the code.

If you’re here because you’ve forgotten the code to your own luggage, but still need it open, then you’ve come to the right place.

Is it possible to open Samsonite luggage if you forget the code?

Yes, it is possible to open Samsonite luggage without knowing or remembering the code. Thankfully, though all hope may seem lost, there is one pretty ingenious technique you can use to rediscover the code to your combination-locked Samsonite luggage, and thus regain entry to your possessions. 

If you’ve just arrived at your hotel on holiday, only to discover that your clothes are locked away in a suitcase you can’t remember how to open, we’re here to help. You’ll feel like a regular safecracker with our tried and trusted method of opening Samsonite luggage even if you’ve forgotten the code.

To learn how to unlock Samsonite luggage if you forget the code, see our tutorial above.

Is it legal to open Samsonite luggage without the code?

There are no laws which state you cannot open your own luggage by a means the luggage manufacturer had not intended. Provided it’s your suitcase or holdall you’re attempting to break into, then there’s no issue nor law being broken.

Of course, if it’s someone else’s luggage you’re trying to unlock without the code, then you’re probably doing something illegal and should stop what you’re doing right away. The exception to this rule could be if you’ve purchased some second-hand Samsonite luggage, only to discover that the seller didn’t reset the code to its factory setting (0-0-0) before selling it to you, and won’t (or can’t) now give you the code.

What should you do once you’ve opened Samsonite luggage without the code?

Once you’ve unlocked your Samsonite luggage without the code, it’s imperative that you make a note somewhere safe and memorable of what the code for the combination lock is. If it makes you feel more safe, or if you would remember it better, you can always reset the code and change it to something new, instead. To do so, consult the manufacturer’s handbook for how to reset the code, since the technique may differ depending on the piece.