How To Unlock A Samsung Oven

Smart ovens are quite ingenious, and, from self-cleaning to reliable timer settings, they can make the life of a busy cook significantly easier. 

Unfortunately, however, being digital also means malfunctioning from time to time. Unlike conventional ovens, Samsung ovens can sometimes lock their doors, preventing you from accessing the food inside, or putting food in in the first place.

To learn how to unlock a Samsung oven, follow our step-by-step tutorials below. For any additional information or further queries, see our FAQs below.

How to unlock a Samsung oven equipped with Child Lock

  1. If your Samsung oven has Child Lock turned ON, then you have to do something special before you can open the door.
  2. With the oven on at the wall socket, hold down the ‘Lock’ button on your oven’s control panel for 3 seconds, until you hear the oven make a beeping noise
  3. The Samsung oven door is now unlocked and ready for you to open

How to unlock a Samsung oven in the middle of a process

  1. If you’ve set your Samsung oven onto a self-clean or steam-clean cycle, or some such similar process, then chances are the door will not open during it
  2. To override this, simply press the ‘Clear/Off’ button on your Samsung oven’s control panel to stop the process. Allow the oven to drain/cool, and then try the door
  3. The Samsung oven door is now unlocked and ready for you to open

How to unlock a Samsung oven with door lock malfunction

  1. If your Samsung oven’s door appears to be locked due to a malfunction, first attempt to let it cool down completely and then try the door again. If this doesn’t work, try one of the following:
    1. Turn the oven off at the wall socket, wait 60 seconds, then turn it back on and try the door
    2. Put the Samsung oven onto a self-clean cycle, then after 60 seconds, hit the ‘Clear/Off’ button, and try the door
    3. Put the Samsung oven onto a full 1-2 hour self-clean cycle and then try the door once the cycle has fully completed

And there you have it! Three different methods for unlocking a Samsung oven to be used in three specific situations. If you have any other questions, or would like further information, please see our FAQs below. 


What is a Samsung oven?

You may well think that the words ‘Samsung’ and ‘oven’ seem to be incompatible, but in actual fact you’d be far from the truth! In addition to manufacturing some of the world’s most popular electrical handheld and portable devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, Samsung have also (for some time now – believe it or not) been in the kitchen appliance game, too!

A Samsung oven is a range top stove and oven appliance designed to be a ‘Smart’ feature of one’s home. In other words, it is a digital oven most likely with a digital LED display and many ‘Smart’ features which conventional ovens would not have.

Problem is, conventional ovens are never going to accidentally (or purposefully) lock down, so that you can’t get into them. On the other hand, Samsung ovens have been known to do this from time to time.

If you’re here because your Samsung oven is locked and you can’t get into it, then you’re in luck! Follow our tutorials above, and you’ll have that door unlocked again in no time!

Why would a Samsung oven be locked?

There are a few different reasons for why a Samsung oven door might be locked. 

Samsung ovens have a range of built-in safety features to ensure that neither you nor those around you hurt yourselves by accident, and to also ensure that cooking is carried out most efficiently. One of these safety features is ‘child lock’ which when active stops you from being able to unlock the door without doing something special first (read our tutorial above!)

Alternatively, the door may be locked because your oven is in the midst of a cleaning or cooking cycle which can’t be interrupted. We deal with how to unlock the oven in this case above.

Of course, it may also be the case that the Samsung oven is simply malfunctioning. 

Whatever the reason, we’re here to help. Just check out our tutorials above to solve the issue.

Can I turn off Child Lock on my Samsung oven?

Yes, you absolutely can. If the Child Lock feature is of no use to you or those around you, it can quite easily be disabled so that you can open and close the Samsung oven door as you please. To disable Child Lock, hold down the TIME SELECT BUTTON for 3 seconds. Next, hold down the LIGHT BULB BUTTON for a further 3 seconds to turn Child Lock ON, and then a further 3 seconds to turn Child Lock OFF.