How to uninstall Microsoft Teams on Windows 10

If you are tired of uninstalling Microsoft Teams on Windows 10 and it keeps reinstalling itself, hang on, there is a solution. You cannot just uninstall Microsoft Teams like you do usual programs, you must do it twice. Sound Silly?

Yeah, it is but this is how it works. You need to uninstall Microsoft Team first, once it is done you need to uninstall the Teams Machine-Wide Installer. If you do not do so, it will reinstall itself once you restart your PC. If you want to uninstall both applications go to Settings > Apps > Apps & features on Windows 10.

You will search “Teams” in “Apps & features” section, now uninstall both apps for teams. You can find them by the name “Microsoft Teams and Teams Machine-Wide Installer”.

Another way to uninstall Microsoft Team is to do it from Control Panel. Open the control panel and click on the Uninstall program under the Programs tab. Now search the Microsoft Teams and Machine-Wide Installer and uninstall both one by one.

Once you have uninstalled both applications, you are good to go, and this will make sure that Microsoft teams are not installed on your device again. If you need the application again, you need to download it and reinstall it for later use.