How To Unarchive A Post On Instagram

Archiving posts is a great way to clean up and reorganize your Profile’s feed of posts, as well as hiding any embarrassing or unwanted posts whilst you’re at it. However, there may come a time when you want to re-release those archived posts to the world. If that’s the case, you’re in the right place.

To learn how to unarchive a post on Instagram (iOS and Android), simply follow our step-by-step tutorials below. For any additional information, or if you have any other queries, please direct your attention to the FAQs at the end of this article.

How to unarchive a post on Instagram (iOS/Android)

  1. Open the Instagram app on your iOS or Android device and sign in to your Instagram profile if necessary
  2. Head to your profile by tapping the profile icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen
  3. Next, tap the three horizontal lines (hamburger menu) in the top-right corner, and from the slide-out menu, select ‘Archive’

  4. Now, navigate to your Posts Archive (you’ll probably be automatically directed to your Stories Archive) by tapping the arrow at the top, and selecting ‘Posts archive’ from the pop-up menu
  5. Find the posts(s) you wish to unarchive, and tap on them individually
  6. Finally, hit the three vertical dots in the top-right of each archived post, and from the options, select ‘Show on profile’
  7. Repeat as necessary – your archived posts will reappear on your profile posts feed

And there you have it! It’s pretty straightforward, isn’t it? If you’ve got posts in your Instagram archive which you want to bring back to the public eye by sending them to your profile grid, then simply follow our tutorial above and you’ll have no problems.

For any additional information, or if you still have unanswered queries (such as how to stop Instagram automatically archiving your stories), then see our FAQs below.

Frequently asked questions

What are archived posts on Instagram?

Instagram, one of the world’s most popular image and video sharing social networking platforms, is chic, cool, super accessible, and a great outlet for your creativity. It acts as a virtual photo album, a place for you to share and store your memories, be they over a few days of holiday, or years and years of life and work.

Sometimes, though, you may find your Profile’s feed getting choked up with content that you don’t necessarily want everyone to see. Maybe you’ve decided now that it’s too personal, or maybe you just think there’s too much of it. There are a million reasons that you might want to hide a post of yours from your feed. 

However, if you don’t know what archiving is, or don’t know how it works, you’re probably thinking that the only other means at your disposal is deletion. Thankfully, it’s not! 

Archiving a post on Instagram just sends it to your Archive – a place easily accessible in just two or three taps. There, you (and only you) can continue to see and revel in your posts, without the prying eyes of your followers to worry about. They’re stored there for as long as your account exists.

Why would I want to unarchive a post on Instagram?

Whilst archiving posts is a great means of storing more personal posts, posts from long ago (or from a time when your account had a different focus/purpose), or any posts you don’t want others to see in your feed, there is of course also the chance that you now want to know how to unarchive those posts.

Perhaps you’ve overcome your embarrassment surrounding an earlier archived post, and want the world to see it again. Maybe you just archived a post by mistake. Whatever your reason, we’re here to help teach you how to unarchive a post on Instagram. So head on up to the step-by-step tutorial at the top of the page, and get learning!

Can I re-archive an accidentally unarchived post on Instagram?

Yes, of course. There is no limit to the number of times you can archive and unarchive a post on Instagram If you just accidentally sent one back to your feed from the archive and are worried about it, fret not. Just relocate that post in your feed (on your profile), tap the three dots above it, and select ‘Archive’. It will disappear from your feed immediately and be returned safely to the Archive for you to enjoy in the future (and in private).

When I unarchive a post, will it show up in my followers feeds?

No. If you were hoping to give your Feed Post a little extra visibility – thinking you could cheat the system by archiving and unarchiving an old post – then I’m afraid you’re out of luck. 

When you unarchive a post, it will be sent back to appear on your profile but will do so in order of wherever it was when first you originally posted it, and it will sadly (or gladly) not reappear on your followers’ homepages.

I see that my stories (not posts) are all archived, can I stop Instagram from archiving my stories in the first place?

Yes, absolutely. Whilst Feed Posts need to be manually archived, Instagram automatically archives every single one of the stories you post. This could come in super handy, but to some, it’s a nuisance or even an invasion of privacy.

To ensure that Instagram stops automatically archiving your stories, head to ‘Archive’ via the hamburger menu on your Profile. Once there, tap the three vertical dots in the upper-right, and from the pop-up/drop-down menu, select ‘Settings’. Lastly, toggle ‘Save story to archive’ to OFF. (You can do similarly with the ‘Save live to archive’ option if you want to stop Instagram automatically saving your live streams to the Archive as well.)