How To Turn On Flash On TikTok

Using the flash of your smartphone’s torch/camera on TikTok is a smart way to allow for filming in dark or low-light settings. You could even use the flash on TikTok simply to highlight detail in something, even in broad daylight. 

Whatever you want to use it for, we’re here to show you how to turn on the flash on TikTok. Simply follow our step-by-step tutorial below. 

If you have any additional questions or queries, or you’d like more info on TikTok then check out our FAQ section at the bottom of this article.

Note: You can only turn on the flash on TikTok through the rear-facing camera, there is no option for flash on the front-facing/selfie camera.

How to turn on the flash on TikTok

  1. On your smartphone, open up the TikTok app and sign into your TikTok account
  2. Tap the (+) icon in the bottom-center of the app to begin recording a new video
  3. Ensure that you are on the rear-facing camera by tapping the ‘Flip’ icon at the top of the right-hand Filters & Effects column
  4. Now, to turn on the flash on TikTok, tap the ‘Flash’ icon at the bottom of the right-hand Filters & Effects columns
  5. You have successfully turned the flash on on TikTok, and can now tap the big red ‘Record’ button at the bottom-center of your screen to start recording with the flash on.
  6. Once you’re satisfied with your TikTok, post it by following the same steps you’d take to post any other TikTok.

And that’s all there is to it! Seriously! Just six simple steps and you can turn the flash on for a TikTok video, record it, and post it. For all additional info and further questions, see the FAQs below.


What happens when I turn on the flash on TikTok?

The “flash” is not a feature unique to TikTok, the Chinese giant video creation and sharing social media platform. “Flash” simply refers to the flashlight, or torch which is in-built into most modern smartphones. You may have used your flash before through the flashlight function, which helps to turn your phone into a torch in dark situations.

Similarly, flash is synonymous with shooting photographs and videos in dark settings or poor lighting. Flash helps to illuminate the subject matter of your various photos and videos so that they appear in detail and unobscured in the final product.

This is exactly how flash works on TikTok, too. When you turn on the flash on TikTok, the torchlight situated next to your rear camera is turned on until you turn it back off. 

Note that you can only turn on the flash when using the rear-facing camera. You cannot turn on the flash when using the front-facing camera of your phone on TikTok.

Why would I need flash on TikTok?

You might need flash on TikTok for the same reason you’d need a flash in conventional photography or videography: your subject, or the thing you’re trying to record, is too dark or shadowy to see properly without additional light.

If recording a TikTok at night, for example, or with the lights off for whatever reason, you’d only be able to clearly and crisply see what you’re trying to record by first turning on the flash.

The flash can, of course, also be used for additional cosmetic and aesthetic reasons, such as to better highlight the detail in your makeup or outfit, or in a particular scene you’re filming.

Can I turn the flash off again on TikTok? 

Of course! However, you can only turn the flash off once you’re finished filming any given segment of a TikTok since the flash icon is only available to press when recording is not taking place. You can turn it on and off as much as you like on this screen, though.

Can I turn on the flash during filming on TikTok?

Not as far as we’re aware. You can turn the flash on before you begin filming and back off after. Or turn the flash on in-between filming snippets of video for a larger TikTok project. But it seems to us that it is impossible to turn the flash on during recording.
So, if you think lighting might be an issue before you record that next viral vid, make sure you apply the flash before you start recording.