How to Turn Off Shuffle Play on Spotify

If you’ve created a playlist or are trying to listen to an album on Spotify you might have found that they only play in shuffle order which is highly inconvenient if you are wanting to listen all the way through an album or if you are creating an atmosphere using a playlist. The good news is that this is possible to turn off if you are using a computer whether you have a free or a premium subscription. The bad news however is that to turn off the feature on a mobile or tablet you would need to subscribe to Spotify Premium.

There are third-party apps you can try using in conjunction with Spotify to circumvent this. These are however not regulated and not approved by Spotify – there is a risk that your account is blocked if you choose to take such action. Depending on your circumstances you are likely to be able to use a PC in those rare circumstances where the order is very important if not you may consider a premium subscription to the service and Spotify offers a number of options from monthly to yearly. You can also often get a free trial as well as a discount if signing up for a longer membership.

In this article, we’ll show you how to turn off shuffle if you are on a desktop as well as how to do it on iOS/ Android if you have a premium account.

Turning Off Shuffle Mode On A Computer

Step 1: Log into the Spotify Computer App and select “My Library” in the top left sidebar. (We’ve put a green box around it in the image below)

Step 2: select the playlist or album you want to listen to with shuffle mode off – in this example we’re selecting the list with a green box around it – “Top songs 2020”

Step 3: If you want to play the list in order now click on the first song in the list to start playing it.

Step 4: Selecting the first song will open the “Now Playing” banner on the bottom of the page as the song start playing. As you can see there is a symbol with two crossing arrows next to the previous song button – this is the shuffle symbol. If the shuffle symbol is green with a dot under it as in the green box below it means that shuffle is on.

Step 5: If you click the shuffle symbol with your mouse or trackpad the symbol should become grey and you will no longer be in shuffle play mode.

Turning off Shuffle on Mobile

Turning off shuffle on mobile is relatively similar to how it is done on the web player – and both the android and iOS versions are similar to one another. Below we show you how to do it in iOS.

Step 1: Open the Spotify App

Step 2: tap on the library icon in on the bottom ribbon on the right side

Step 3: Open the playlist or album you want to play without shuffle and start playing a song (the first one is always a good bet if you want to listen now) then click on the name of the song over the bottom ribbon to expand the options available.

Step 4: Once the ribbon is expanded you will see the shuffle icon – if this is on as in the image below it will be green with a green dot below it

Step 5: Tap the shuffle icon – once it turns grey shuffle play will be off.