How to Turn Off Comments on a Facebook Post

Being among the most popular and widely-used social media options today, Facebook allows us to share different text posts, videos, and photos with our friends, while also giving us the opportunity to post our own comments onto these updates and share our thoughts and opinions.

However, what exactly happens when you’d wish to publish a certain post onto your own Facebook profile, but don’t wish for your FB friends to have the ability to leave any comments? Do you actually have the choice to prevent all of the comments on any personal FB posts? Here are some explanations that might help answer these questions:

Commenting options on personal posts

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t provide the opportunity to entirely deactivate the commenting option on the personal posts which you publish onto your profile, as of yet.

What you could do instead is alter the privacy settings of the posts which you publish, and pick the specific people who you’d like to have permission to see (and therefore comment on) your personal posts. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Load the Facebook website and sign in if necessary.
  2. Press the status bar at the top to begin writing a new post, or press your profile image to load your personal page and locate a post which was previously published.
  3. If you’re writing a new post, press the tab underneath your name, which will usually say Public or Friends. If you’ve found an older post, press the three dots within it, and then press Edit Audience.
  4. Here, you could select your preferred privacy settings. If you don’t wish for certain friends to see your personal posts, you could select the ‘Friends Except…’ feature, or you could select the ‘Specific Friends’ feature to only allow a select number of people to view your posts.

Deleting comments from your personal posts

In case someone has posted an unwelcomed comment on a personal post which you published, you will also have the choice to delete it by following these simple steps:

  1. Load the Facebook website and sign in if necessary.
  2. Press your profile image to load your personal page, and then locate the specific post from which you’d wish to remove any comments.
  3. Then, press the 3 circles located beside the comment in question.
  4. Now, you could press on either the ‘Delete’ feature or the ‘Hide comment feature in order to hide/delete the undesirable comment from your personal post.

Commenting options on Group posts

If you are currently a moderator or the creator of a specific FB Group, you could also effortlessly deactivate the commenting option in this instance. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Load the Facebook website and sign in if necessary.
  2. To the left of your homepage, press the Groups option, and then press the Group in which the post in question was previously published.
  3. Now, locate the post on which you would like to disable all the commenting options.
  4. Once the post in question has been located, press the 3 circles that can be seen within the post, and finally press Turn Off Comments.

Note: You will also have the opportunity to remove the commenting feature on any post in a FB Group which you’ve published yourself, even in the case when you are not the owner/admin of that specific Group.

Although Facebook doesn’t yet offer comment restrictions for all posts on the website, the feature will hopefully come soon, as an improvement in user experience. Until then, the workaround mentioned above will hopefully be able to help.