How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft

Minecraft is among the most popular casual games at the moment, and for a good reason. Building your own homes and farms where you can raise animals, all in an entirely unique world, can be incredibly relaxing and undoubtedly entertaining. But what is a dreamland without a loving pet by your side?

Thankfully, if you want a friend that follows you around as you conquer worlds, you can easily tame a cat in Minecraft, making it your dear, caring pet. Here is a quick guide explaining how you can achieve just that:

Where can you find cats?

While you will need to find a stray cat somewhere in the wild if you want to manage to tame it, the good news is that they are relatively simple to locate.

Stray cats tend to spawn in villages which have a minimum of four beds and one villager. One cat will spawn per every four beds, with up to ten cats spawning in a certain village. This means that you will most likely have a number of different-colored cats to pick from in any average-sized village.

If you are specifically looking for a black cat, however, they can often be located in swamps, near witch huts. Keep in mind that black cats will more often spawn during a full moon if you are playing the Bedrock version of Minecraft.

How can you tame cats?

Once you’ve managed to find a cat you like somewhere in the world, the next step would be to tame it. In order to do this, you must first gather some raw salmon or cod, which can be found in a river or lake close by.

After you’ve gathered the necessary items, equip yourself with the fish, and make sure you have enough of it to spare, as you might need to feed a stray cat with raw fish a number of times before it finally likes you.

Now, approach the cat cautiously, and feed it with the raw fish. Keep on feeding the stray cat until you notice a cloud of hearts has shown up above it. This means that the stray cat has now been tamed.

After the hearts have disappeared, your new tamed cat will then have its own collar. Now, you have a cat as your pet!

How do cats behave?

Now that you’ve managed to tame a cat, your new pet will follow in your footsteps, no matter where you go. Don’t worry if you ever lose your cat, as it can easily be teleported if it’s twelve blocks away.

Pets cats are quite inquisitive and tend to roam around you, rarely sitting still. However, you always have the option of commanding them to sit if necessary.

Much like cats in real life, Minecraft cats will often climb and sit on your furniture, even sometimes getting it the way when you are trying to access items. If that happens, you can always lure your cat away using some raw fish.

There’s also a high chance that your pet cat might sleep next to you during the night, and you might even wake up with a gift waiting for you, something your cat has managed to collect.

And that’s it; all you need to know about finding, taming, and living with cats in Minecraft. Now, you can start a new adventure with a loving pet cat by your side!