How To Skip The Minecraft Credits

Once you enter the Minecraft Exit Portal, you will be shown the credits for your particular Game Mode or Episode. Running at 27 minutes and 15 seconds for the credits of the main game, these are some pretty long credits, which you probably want to skip. Once you do so (or let them run their course) you will be respawned at your spawn point.

  • To skip the Minecraft Credits in the Java (PC) version of Minecraft, simply press ESC
  • To skip the Minecraft Credits in the Bedrock (console) version of Minecraft, you can either press ‘Back’ on your console controller, or tap ‘Skip’ by hitting whichever controller button you are directed to by the small ‘Skip’ notice in the corner of the screen

And there you have it! It’s really as simple as that. If using a computer, hit ESC, if on a console, tap Skip. Happy gaming!

Frequently asked questions

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft, one of the world’s most popular games (if not the most popular games out right now) is a multiplatform world-builder in which the player mines for resources, and then uses those resources to build an essentially limitless variety of structures and worlds. The imagination is let free in this sandbox video game! 

Why would I want to skip the credits (or why would I want to watch them)?

With a ton of cool updates since the original version was released way back in 2011, and with new Game Modes constantly in development, there are a host of new credits to watch, every time players complete a new Game Mode or ‘Episode’. Whilst it is always recommended to watch the credits – remember, all of the people featured in them have spent months, years, maybe decades working on this, for your enjoyment! – it is also completely understandable that you should wish to skip the credits.

Once I’ve skipped or watched the End Credits/End Poem once, will I have to next time?

Probably not. Certainly for PC gamers, once you’ve watched or skipped the End Poem in Minecraft once, your save data will note that you have watched the credits, and will not show them again, however many times you replay the game. However, on consoles, I am not so sure, though regardless, you can of course always skip the credits every time they appear, with just one button.