How to Skip Mario Kart 8 Credits

One of the most popular games among casual and serious players alike, the latest edition of Mario Kart, the 8 Deluxe version, is now available on Nintendo Switch, presenting a new and unique way of playing this classic game.

However, as with many Mario Karts before, players are facing the same problem once again: long, seemingly unskippable end credits. So, can you actually skip these ending credits in Mario Kart?

Skipping Mario Kart 8 credits

Once you finish a Grand Prix, congratulatory credits will appear on the screen. While you can’t skip these credits the first time around, you will be able to skip them each time afterward. All you have to do is press A.

However, once you’ve managed to finish all races and cups, ending credits will appear each time, and you won’t be able to skip them. Unfortunately, this looks like a bug that Nintendo has yet to fix.

While long and tedious ending credits are nothing new for Mario Kart, one would hope that Nintendo would have sorted this issue by now. However, it seems like this is a major issue the company still hasn’t devoted its attention to.