How to Send a Message on Spotify

If you’ve had a break from Spotify, you may find that the interface has changed a lot over the last few years and a whole bunch of new features added while others have sadly been retracted.

Way back, Spotify used to have its own in-house messaging service where you could interact with artists and playlist owners directly on the platform. However, the company announced an update in 2017 where they removed this service as the cost of its maintenance was too high when compared with the manpower is required to manage and maintain it.

With this, you sadly cannot contact anyone directly on Spotify anymore, and so if you wanted to send a supportive message to a new artist or a thank you to someone who created an awesome playlist, you’ll have to find a different way.

For example, many new artists link their social media profiles on other sites and use similar handles, so although you cannot tell them how much you love their work on Spotify you can still tell them over Instagram or a Facebook page. If you really like them, you might find a way of supporting them such a Patreon.

It might be more difficult with playlist owners, but just following their profile will let them know you appreciate their work and make them more popular in searches.

When it comes to interacting with your friends on Spotify there are some fantastic features present now such as Collaborative playlists where you can work on a list together, starting a group session allows you and your friend/s to listen to music together which might make you feel more connected even though you are physically far away from one another.

You can share playlists and songs with your friends in a number of ways such as via Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, messages, and e-mail as Spotify allows direct sharing options as well as copying a direct link to the music you want to share and posting it where it suits you.

We are sorry that the answer to your question was that the feature was removed, however, we hope that we have been able to give you some ideas for ways you can work around this and how you can still use Spotify with your friends. Wishing you happy listening and remember to check the volume on those headphones!