How to Select All Songs on Spotify

The pandemic rules are relaxing in a lot of places and with that it might be P.A.R.T.Y T.I.M.E soon for a lot of us. We bet you’ve missed parties small or big, themed or not, if you’ve lived in a quarantine zone. 

A good party requires a variety of things, but one thing is relatively constant: Music. A party with lame music doesn’t tend to take off and one of the most annoying things that can happen is if your playlist is too short and you run out. Luckily you can avoid this by making sure you have a long enough playlist and Spotify tells you the total playtime of your list at the top. 

Other reasons for long playlists are for background relaxation or professional use for example in a café or massage studio. 

Occasionally you may also want to deconstruct a playlist and select a few songs to create a curated list for an exercise class or your lunchtime run. 

Whatever you reason for wanting to move songs around we recommend using the Spotify desktop app either on Mac or Windows to work with playlists as it can save a lot of headaches when compared with the mobile apps. 

We hope you enjoy this article on how to select and move songs around and that it can help you with your next Playlist project. 

Selecting Songs on Spotify Desktop App 

Needless to say, you need to open your app and log into your account where you want to manage songs in order to become a fly playlist manager. Once you’ve done that have a go at the techniques detailed below to get your DJ hat on. 

Selecting All Songs

If you just want to merge two playlists, then Spotify offers a super easy desktop shortcut for this:

  1. Open the playlist you want to copy 
  2. Click Crtl + A for Windows or Command + A for Mac
  3. This will select all the songs in the playlist 
  4. You can then navigate to the other list and paste them by pressing Crtl + C or Command + C


  1. If you want a new playlist it’s a good idea to create this first 
  2. You can use the keyboard shortcut to select all songs for another reason like moving songs from your “liked songs” to a new playlist 

Selecting a Few Songs 

If you just want a few songs and not everything and these are scattered around in a playlist you can still select them. To do this you can press and hold Ctrl on Windows or Command on Mac then use your trackpad or mouse to select the songs you want. 

Once you’ve selected your songs you have a number of options for what you can do; 

  1. You can copy them to paste into another playlist 
  2. You can drag and drop them into a new playlist 
  3. You can Right Click then select “Add to playlist” and add them to a list this way 
  4. You can drag and drop them up and down in the current playlist if you want to change the order of the songs 

Selecting Consecutive Songs 

Occasionally you want to move a whole block of songs or copy it. Spotify has got your back. To select any number of consecutive songs; 

  1. Navigate to the songs 
  2. Press and hold shift 
  3. Click the top song 
  4. Click the bottom song 

The songs you’ve selected and all the ones in-between should be highlighted. You can now drag them up and down in the playlist, copy them, drag them to another list, and so on. 

Using the Mobile App

Unfortunately, Spotify does not currently support selecting more than one song at a time on its mobile versions. Users are generally unhappy about this and it is a frequently requested update. We hope that the developers at Spotify hear our prayers and soon give us a way to manage our playlists more easily from our phones. 

In the meantime though we hope we have been able to help you find easier methods for working with songs on Spotify.