How To See What You Liked On Instagram

It used to be so easy, didn’t it? With a tap or two, you could look back over all of the posts you’d liked on Instagram, as well as all of the posts the accounts you followed had liked. Not so, anymore. Instagram has actually made it pretty difficult to find your ‘Liked posts’ if you don’t already know how. 

Thankfully, we do know how, and we’re here to show you. To learn how to see what you liked on Instagram, simply follow our step-by-step guide below. For all other information and any additional questions, see our FAQs at the end of this article.

Note: Unfortunately, you are only able to find these liked posts on the mobile and tablet versions of the app; you will not be able to do so on the desktop/online version of Instagram.

How to find your ‘Liked Posts’ on Instagram (Android/iOS)

  1. Open up the Instagram app on your mobile or tablet device, and sign in if prompted
  2. First, tap your Profile picture icon in the bottom-right to take you to your profile
  3. Next, tap the Hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) in the top right to open up the menu
  4. From the drop-down menu, select ‘Settings’ (gear-shaped icon right at the bottom of the menu list.
  5. Now, locate and tap on ‘Account’
  6. Once in the ‘Account’ settings area, scroll right down until you locate ‘Posts you’ve liked’, tap on this
  7. You’ll be taken to a feed of all of the posts on Instagram you have ever liked. Simply scroll through, and to load more, tap the (+) sign at the bottom each time. 
  8. Carry on scrolling until you find what you came here looking for!

And there you have it, hidden away in the depths of the ‘Account Settings’ sub-sub-sub-menu is the option to view all of the posts you’ve ever liked on Instagram! Remember, you can only do this on your mobile or tablet Instagram app. Happy hunting!

For any additional questions or information, see the FAQs below.

Frequently asked questions

Why would I want to see what I’ve liked on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular image and video sharing social networking platforms in the world right now, and has been for some time. One of the main ways users interact with each other and each other’s content, is through ‘liking’ said content. 

Instagram users can tap the heart icon, or double-tap any posted picture, video, reel, or IGTV video to ‘like’ it, sending the original poster a notification, and accumulating likes against that post. The more likes a post gets, the more visibility it typically receives. 

However, most users of Instagram will know that given the sheer volume of content on the app, and the number of times per hour (let alone per day) that said user will ‘like’ something, it becomes next to impossible to keep up with all of the things you’ve seen and ‘liked’.

Next to impossible, though. Not impossible. There is a way, and we’re here to explain to you exactly how to do it. Ever been in a situation where you’re trying to recall that cool jumper you saw and wanted to buy on instagram, but can’t? Or maybe you’re with a friend and a meme comes to mind but you can’t remember who posted it? Well, so long as you ‘liked’ the post you’ve got in mind, we can help you relocate it. Just follow our guides above!

Is everything I’ve ever liked available for me to see again?

Yes! It’ll certainly take you some time scrolling to get to the very first post you ever liked, but it is doable! The only thing is that the original poster has to still have the content on their page. If they’ve deleted it, or deleted their account from Instagram, then unfortunately you’re not going to be able to locate that post, whether you liked it or not.

Who else can see what I’ve liked on Instagram?

Maybe you remember Instagram from way back in the day, when it was but a newborn app on the app market. If so, you’ll probably recall that there was a pretty quick and easy method of not only seeing all of the posts you had liked (which, as you’ll see above, has now been made quite difficult), but also of seeing all of the posts the accounts you followed had liked.

Back then there was a Discovery page (just like today), except the posts you were shown were generated not by your liking or viewing or sharing habits, but by the habits of the people you followed. You were actually shown which posts each of the accounts you followed had liked. 

Thankfully, this (arguably invasive) option no longer exists. No one but you, and you alone, can see which posts you’ve liked on Instagram. So fret not! Whether you don’t want your friends to know you’ve started liking your ex’s pictures again, or you’re ashamed to fanboy over an uncool band, you can like away in privacy!