How to See If JavaScript Is Enabled

Nearly all websites nowadays contain JavaScript, a multipurpose programming language that runs on the visitor’s Internet browser. Generally speaking, JavaScript makes web pages adaptive, responsive, and more functional for specific purposes. If JavaScript is disabled, certain web content might be unavailable, and the functionality of a website could be limited, leaving you with a poor browsing experience.

Remember, JavaScript is a browser-specific setting, meaning that if it’s disabled in one Internet browser on your computer, it may be enabled in another.

If you simply want to check whether JavaScript is enabled in a browser, you can visit this website. However, if you want to change your settings and enable JavaScript, here is how you can do that in some of the most popular Internet browsers:

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome on your computer, and then click More (three vertical lines).
  2. Click on Settings, and then choose the Advanced option at the bottom of the page.
  3. Under the Privacy and security section, select Content settings.
  4. Now, select JavaScript, and then click on the switch located next to Allowed (recommended) to turn on JavaScript.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Firefox on your computer, and then type about:config into the address bar. Press Enter.
  2. If a warning message appears, press “I’ll be careful, I promise”.
  3. Then, type enabled in the provided search box.
  4. Now, simply toggle the “enabled” option to change it from “false” to “true”. You can do this by double-clicking the option, or by right-clicking, and then selecting “Toggle”.


  1. Open Opera on your computer, and then click on the Menu (Opera icon).
  2. Select Settings, and then click on Websites.
  3. Under the JavaScript section, choose the Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended) option, in order to enable JavaScript.

Apple Safari

  1. Open Safari on your computer, and then click on the Menu (gear icon).
  2. Select Edit, and then choose Preferences.
  3. In the pop-up “Preferences” window, click on the Security
  4. Under the Web content section, mark the checkbox next to Enable JavaScript to activate.

Keep in mind that the web pages might need to be reloaded, or the browser needs to be restarted entirely, in order for the new changes to appear, no matter which Internet browser you’re using.