How to Secretly View Someone’s Profile on LinkedIn

Whenever someone views your LinkedIn profile you see a notification, “Mr. X viewed your profile.” The same is the case when you visit someone’s profile. But did you know that you can secretly visit someone’s LinkedIn profile without letting them know? In this article, we will tell you exactly how to do that.

I personally hate this “feature” on a social media site. Luckily, social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter don’t share this information. But you can also hide your activity on Linkedin and secretly spy on someone’s profile without that annoying alert.

Here is how you can disable this functionality. There is one big catch if you enable this. Read on till the end to see what you will miss if you enable this function.

How to change the visibility of your profile on LinkedIn

Start by clicking on your profile image in the main menu.

Next, click on Settings & Privacy.

Click Visibility of your profile & network under the Visibility tab in the left menu that appears.

The first option that will appear on your screen is the Profile viewing options.

Here you can choose how you want to appear. If you want to secretly view a profile you can choose the Private mode. It will make sure the person will not get an alert once you visit the profile and keep your browsing private. The person will see an alert that “Someone viewed your profile.”.

People will not see you specifically that you viewed that profile, but the alert will state that an anonymous person viewed your profile. This will make your activities private.

This sounds great, but there is a catch. If you make your activities private, it means you will also not see who visited your profile. LinkedIn will not only hide your activity but also hide who viewed your profile. Every advantage has its disadvantage.