How to Ride a Llama in Minecraft

The ability to befriend native animals still remains among Minecraft’s most loved features, whether it’s due to the practical use they often provide the players, or simply due to their value as pets and companions.

One of the most popular and useful animals for taming in Minecraft are llamas, which not only make for sweet and unusual friends but are also quite handy when it comes to carrying larger shipments of items. For that reason, it’s no wonder so many players want to learn how to befriend these wonderful animals.

If you’re one of those people as well, here is a detailed guide that will show you how to tame and walk around with your own llamas in Minecraft:

Step 1: Finding llamas

If your goal is to tame your own llama, you must first find it in the world. Llamas can often be located in the Savanna, Wooded Mountains, and Extreme Hills biomes, and can come in four shades: cream, white, brown, and gray.

Step 2: Taming llamas

Once you’ve managed to find a llama, the next step would be to try and tame it. The process for taming a llama is similar to taming horses; just keep mounting a llama continuously until a cloud of hearts appears around it.

If you wish, you could also speed up this process by feeding your llama five hay bales or ten wheat. Then, mount it as you normally would, until you see a cloud of hearts appear.

Step 3: Riding llamas

After you’ve successfully managed to tame a llama, you will then have the option to sit on it without any issue. However, you won’t have any control over the llama’s movements, and thus can’t ride it as freely as you would a horse. There is simply no way to place saddles on llamas in Minecraft.

Thankfully, you do have the option of attaching a lead to your tamed llama. This will allow your llama to follow your steps, while helping you to control its movements and guide it in the right direction.

Note: When you attach a lead to one llama, other llamas in its vicinity might start to follow you as well, almost like a furry llama caravan.

Stealing a llama

You also have the option of stealing a llama from a trader, although doing this means that you won’t manage to breed them in the future.

To steal a llama from a trader, simply approach it, take its lead, and then pull it away from its trader. The llama you steal might put up a fight and attempt to return, but it will calm down after a while, as long as you remain persistent.

If you do want to steal a llama, never attempt to attack the trader, as llamas don’t generally like that, and might spit at you, ultimately causing damage.

What can you do with llamas?

While you won’t manage to ride your llama in the conventional way, they’re still quite handy companions to have.

Llamas are best known for their storage properties. You can equip them with chests in order to effortlessly carry items for you while on the move. However, the capability of storage will depend on the specific llama’s strength, as llamas with strength levels from 1 to 5 can carry 3 to 15 slots, respectively.

While llamas can’t exactly be equipped with saddles, you do have the option of decorating your llama with carpets, making it more personal and unique.

And there you have it; as long as you are fortunate enough to find a suitable llama in the wild on your first try, you can effortlessly tame it and use its storage properties on your Minecraft adventures.