How to Reset Your Houseparty Password

Houseparty is a video chatting application that gained a large amount of popularity at the start of the year, whether it was because of the app’s ease of use, or even the wide variety of fun games, backgrounds, and different chatting options the application has to offer.

However, Houseparty has also encountered brief security issues during the height of its popularity, which prompted some users to change their passwords in an effort to maintain their privacy. If security is a concern for you as well, or you simply managed to misplace your previous password, here is a helpful guide showing how you could set a new password for your Houseparty profile:

Resetting the password to your Houseparty account

  1. Load the Houseparty application on your tablet or smartphone.
  2. Press the waving hand icon at the beginning of your screen.
  3. On the white page that shows up, press the Settings icon.
  4. Scroll to the end of this page, and then press the Log Out tab. Then, press Log Out once more to confirm. This will sign you out of your Houseparty application.
  5. You will then be diverted back to the default beginning screen. Here, press the ‘I Already Have an Account tab.
  6. On the following log-in screen, press the ‘Forgot Password?’ button at the bottom.
  7. Now, simply type in the email address of your Houseparty profile, and then press the Reset Password tab.
  8. Houseparty will now send you a resetting email. You can open this message in your email client’s application.
  9. In the text of the received email, press the Reset Password link. This will redirect you to a dedicated page where you’ll be able to set a new Houseparty password.
  10. Here, simply type in your new Houseparty password in the top field, and then enter it once more in the lower field to confirm.
  11. Finally, press the Reset Password tab below to set your new password for Houseparty.

And there you have it; all the necessary steps you need to take if you want to change your current password for the Houseparty profile.