How to reset a sonos speaker

If you want to start fresh with your sonos speaker(s) setup you can try to completly reset your sonos speaker. It is not very difficult and everybody should be able to do this. If you sell or lend out your sonos speaker it is a good idea to wipe out all existing data and configurations. Follow this guide to reset your sonos speaker to the factory defaults.

  1. Unplug the power cord of your sonos speaker
  2. Hold the play/pause button and simultaneously plug the power cord back in
  3. Hold the button until the orange light begins to flashes (approximately 30 seconds)
  4. Wait till the light flashes green, now the reset is finished

Don’t forget that if you follow this procedure that you will lose all the settings configured on to the speakers. Such as the music streaming services you have added and your sonos login.