How to Reset a FitBit Charge 3

There are several reasons why you would like to reset your Fitbit charge 3. There might be times where a Fitbit device is not synced up, and a quick fix is to reset. Another reason why your device would need a reboot is that the screen has become unresponsive. Or you may need to resell it, for which you need to reset the device completely. No matter what the reason is, you can reset your Fitbit charge 3 within minutes without losing any data.

Here are a few ways to do so:

Dealing With An Un-Synced Device:

This method is for those of you dealing with an unsynced device:

  •       Go ahead and find the settings menu.
  •       Scroll up the menu till you reach the about settings.
  •       At the bottom of the about settings, you should see the option for rebooting the device. Now, be careful; it also shows the option for erasing the data. Thus, carefully select the right option.
  •       Click on the right tick, and the device will be rebooted without any data loss.

Dealing With Un-Responsive Screen:

Follow this method if for some you Fitbit screen has stopped responding:

  •       Connect your charger to the Fitbit and turn the power on.
  •       Then, longpress the soft button on the side while the device is still on the charging dock.
  •       After a few seconds, a smiley will appear, which indicates that the device has been reset.

If for any reason, you feel the need to factory reset your Fitbit, which essentially means to delete all your data from the device, then that is also a possibility. This might be useful for those of you looking to resell your Fitbit. Heres a way to achieve that:

  •       First, you need to go to the settings menu
  •       Scroll down to the about menu
  •       Then select clear user data. This will factory reset your device, which means all your data will be removed.

A Fitbit Charge 3 is an excellent device for fitness, reminders, exercise, and a plethora of other activities. If youre a Fitbit owner and need to figure out how to reset it, this post is for you. This guide takes you through the stepbystep procedure of resetting a Fitbit charge under multiple situations. Hopefully, you found it informative and were able to configure the reason and procedure for resetting your Fitbit.