How To Remove The Audio From a Video in Windows Movie Maker

Editing video is considered a pure work perfection in computing these days, but it is not. All can be done with basic computer programs and with a little bit of their operational knowledge. For editing a video, one does not have to be a video editor, yet some functional experience about a video editing program might do the job.

I am talking about Windows Movie Maker, and in this article, I will tell you how to remove the audio from a video in windows movie maker. And after that, editing videos will not be a problem for you, and through this way, you will learn a few more things about windows movie maker.

Now let us get going with the steps that will lead us to remove the audio from a video.

  1. Open the windows movie maker and stay on the main panel, and adjust everything according to your liking and comfort. Set up your windows screen, and we are ready to start our next step that will be inserting the video file that we intended to edit in this blog.
  2. Insert the video that you like and let it load completely in the windows movie maker. And observe your movie dashboard closely so you may not miss any point where editing might be required. Recheck it if the movie maker has loaded your video, now will be going on the next step that would be about real editing.
  3. Click on your video on the movie maker’s storyboard, and you then again select the Edit button from the top menu bar. This button will be at the end of the top menu bar, and you will quickly find that. You will see various editing options there, and for now, we will work on removing the audio from the video so that the video volume icon button will do our work. Click on that button and slide it to the left to mute the video’s sound. The video has no sound now, and you can preview it from the storyboard.

By following these three simple steps, we have now learned how to remove the audio from a video using windows movie maker. And see, things aren’t that hard as they sound in the beginning when one opens the movie maker. The specific and direct operational knowledge of using any programme makes it easier for you to do anything with ease.