How to remove floating icons on Android

If you have faced the situation of floating icons on your android, then you know this is the most irritating situation you can face with your android. Yeah, there are some people who have learned to live with them in peace, but if you are the one who had not made peace and looking for some solutions then you are in the right place.

Yes, you can get rid of these floating icons and enjoy life. You must be thinking that this article is based on some false truths and lies, but it is not true. You can now get rid of these floating icons, and it is very easy.

But you have to try a few methods to completely remove the floating icons.

Here we will talk about some methods you can try.

Method 1: Check the system apps

Go to Settings > System app page and find air command. Here you can close the option, and the floating icon will be removed. This is the best method, and there are huge chances this will work, why not give it a shot?

Method 2: Change the settings

When we install any app, it asks us for certain permissions. Without reading we just tap and provide access to the app. One of these permissions is the overlay permission. What? Never heard of it? Yeah, you gave this permission before even reading the message. You can check which apps have these permissions and revoke it, and it will remove the floating icons.

In case you cannot revoke the permission, or you find it hard then you should not worry, there is a big chance the developers of the app removed it.

You can also check if your Android phone is rooted or not, if yes then you must have a ROM installed on your device. These ROMs can help you revoke the access.

This small looking problem can cause headaches to many, and following the simple steps, you can fix it. We hope you found the solution, and now you have no floating icon on your mobile phone.