How To Reinstall The Calculator On Windows 10

What’s that? Have you accidentally uninstalled the calculator application from your desktop computer or laptop? Don’t worry, this guide here has got your back. Either that could be the reason why you are here looking for an easy solution that will help you install it back, or the application likely has malfunctioned. Resetting and reinstalling seems like the only solution, and if that is the case with you too, this is how to do it.

We will go through the easiest tutorial you can learn how to install a calculator in Windows 10 in case you have deleted it accidentally. Although it is a pretty simple drill, more often than not, it gets on the nerves because even the simplest things slip out of mind. But don’t fret. By following this handful of simple steps, you can efficiently reinstall the calculator or any pre-installed app on windows ten without any hassle. Just follow the steps mentioned below, and you will once again be able to use the calculator on Windows 10.

  1. First, Open the settings, and navigate to the apps portion. Then further in the section, tap the “Apps and Features” settings.
  2. This is an easy-breezy process, but you can call this one the main or focus step. Scroll down the “Apps and Features” until you find the calculator. You have found your target, so it is time to move forward.
  3. Once you have found the calculator app, consider that you have already accomplished your goal. Now click on the app, and you will see an option there, saying ‘uninstall’. Uninstall the app from there. Now we are following up with the second half of the reinstalling process. You can now go to the Microsoft Store, search for the calculator app, but take care of a couple of things along with that.
  4. Close all the opened windows and refresh your desktop by pressing the F5 button. Now open the Microsoft Store. It may take a moment to load all the online content.
  5. There, search for the Windows Calculator. The best thing is that you will find it quite easily on the Microsoft Store for free. Install the app; Microsoft App Store will take a few minutes for the proper installation of the app.

And voila! After following the simple steps above, you will have a calculator installed on your computer.

Just because you have lost a substantial app from your computer, don’t panic and go for the online version. They might be risky and a hassle. Hopefully, now that you know how to reinstall the calculator on Windows 10, you won’t be worried anymore about getting the app back.