How to reduce the file size of a JPG file online

If you want to send a lot of pictures via email (or any other medium) it is sometimes better to compress the images. While megapixels keep growing on our smartphones and cameras, so does the filesize of our photos (images of 5MB and larger are no exception anymore). Some email clients and servers have file size limits and if you don’t want to send an email for every photo you need to compress the size of the images. Also for other purposes, you can use this guide to compress your images or photos online. Before the everything-can-be-done-online era, you had to stick to image editing software. This is not necessary anymore and we can do the file resizing perfect online with apps and websites.

Images from our modern smartphones and cameras have often millions of pixels, but you don’t actually need all of those pixels for good looking images. What these websites really do is they resize the image with a few million pixels so you still have very good quality but also reduced file size. Most of the times it is possible to reduce the file size without quality loss.

So how do we reduce the file size of our images? Use one of the websites below to get a version of your image with reduced file size. They all work almost the same: you can drag and drop or browse and select an image and as a result, you can download your reduced file.

With the most of these websites you can select the compression rate and save the result in the most common image files like PNG, JPG or GIF. Some websites also have the possibility to upload more images at the same time and / or download all the results at once in for example a zip file. You have to find out for yourself which website you prefer to use.

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