How To Record Video On A Google Chromebook

Whether you’re practicing performance and want to watch yourself back, recording a presentation for work, a lesson for the classroom, or content for your YouTube channel, learning how to record a video on your Google Chromebook comes in super handy. 

To do so, simply follow our quick and easy, step-by-step guide below. For any additional information or queries, see our FAQs at the end of this article.

How to record video on a Google Chromebook

  1. First, power up your Google Chromebook and sign into your Google Account
  2. Next, bring up the Launcher menu, from where you can find and access your various apps
  3. Type in ‘Camera’ into the search bar, and when the Camera app appears, click on it
    1. Alternatively, navigate to ‘All Apps’ and search for the Camera app icon
  4. Once in the Camera app, click the small video camera icon to the right of the ‘Capture’ button at the bottom-centre of the app window
  5. Once the camera mode changes to video, start the recording by clicking the red ‘Record’ button
  6. Once you’re satisfied with your video, click the red ‘Stop Recording’ button to end the recording

How to view, edit, and share your videos on a Google Chromebook

  1. Once you’ve finished and stopped your recording, you’ll see a small thumbnail of the latest capture in the bottom-right of the Camera app – click this and you’ll be taken to your Gallery
    1. You can also find and view the video by navigating to My Files > Downloads and then opening the video either in Gallery or Video Player
  2. In Gallery, next click the video you’ve just recorded to view it
  3. To edit the video, utilise the tools in the Camera app to trim it, crop it, or edit it however else you like
  4. To share the video, click the three ‘More options’ dots and choose ‘Share’
  5. To delete the video, simply click the ‘Bin’ icon in the top-right when viewing the video, and confirm the deletion on-screen

And there you have it! It’s super simple once you know how, isn’t it? Play around with recording, editing, and sharing videos on your Google Chromebook and you’ll master the art in no time.

For any additional information or if you have any other unanswered queries, please see our FAQs at the end of this article.

Frequently asked questions

Why would I want to record video on my Google Chromebook?

Google Chromebooks are relatively inexpensive, light, fast, and powerful little computers. Perfect for people on the go, or those of us on tighter budgets. One of the neat features of most modern Chromebooks is their high-quality, high-megapixel cameras, with which you can take photos and join in video calls and video meetings. 

You might not have realized it, but you can also use the webcam/camera on your Google Chromebook to record videos. There is any number of reasons why you might want to, too. Perhaps you’ve got a YouTube channel where you speak on various topics, want to record a personalized message for a loved one on their birthday or another special occasion, or are practicing a speech or performance and want to record and watch it back so that you can perfect your delivery.

For teachers, lecturers, and leaders in business, recording yourself is also a great way to retain the attention of your students and/or colleagues, and can be a fun and innovative way to deliver information and tuition. 

Whilst most of us have smartphones with great video recording capabilities, the requirement of keeping your finger pressed on that record button, alongside the small size of the recorded area, can be limiting. With recording video on a laptop, these issues are mitigated. Whatever your reasoning, we’re here to help show you just how to record video on your Google Chromebook.

What is included in the video if I record it on my Google Chromebook?

Since you’re going to be utilizing the webcam of your Google Chromebook, the video you record will capture whatever is caught in the parameters of the webcam’s focal view. You’ll be able to choose exactly what’s going to be included in the video before you begin recording. Simply start up the Camera app (as described above) and then position your Google Chromebook until you and the background behind you are just how you want it to be.

Can I edit the recorded video once I’m finished recording?

Of course! The standard program which Google Chrome OS uses to open and view videos should give you some basic editing options, too – such as cropping, trimming, and resizing. But if you want to get more detailed and technical about it – perhaps adding sound or visual effects, zooms, animation, and more – then we recommend you get yourself a video-editing software from the Google App Store. 

There are lots to choose from, many of which are totally free to use, and others which are professional-grade for an affordable price (usually which come with a free trial so you can try before you buy). Try out a few of these to get a feel for which ones suit your work style better, or are easiest for you to use, and then edit that video you’ve just recorded to your heart’s content.