How to Quote a Message on Discord

Discord is a communication app that has become one of the most popular chat options among gamers worldwide, allowing them to easily build a community around common interests.

As the application heavily focuses on chatting, players have the option of using a number of different formatting features to better express themselves, one of which has recently become the option to quote other users. Here’s how you can use this feature:

Quoting Discord messages

As quoting is now a built-in feature on Discord, you have the option of quoting messages on all of its platforms (both desktop and mobile) using the same methods.

Although this tutorial will focus on the Discord mobile platform, the quoting techniques you will need to use are essentially the same. However, the multi-line quoting process might be slightly different on desktop, if not actually easier.

Single-line quoting

Single-line quoting is used on Discord when you want to quote a message that only contains one line of text. This means that there are no line breaks, i.e. that the Return button on the keyboard has never been pressed.

In order to quote a single line, simply type in the ‘>’ symbol and a space, followed by your chosen quote.

Multi-line quoting

Multi-line quoting is used when you want to quote a message that does contain line breaks, such as a longer message with a number of paragraphs. While you could also achieve this by typing ‘>’ in front of each new paragraph you wish to quote, this process could become quite tiresome and irritating after a while.

Instead, you could simply type ‘>>>’ and a space at the beginning of your message. This will allow everything you type in afterward to become a part of the quote. However, the only way to end the quote is to send this message and type in a new one, or to backspace the ‘>>>’.

As far as the Discord desktop version is concerned, both ‘>’ and ‘>>>’ will automatically start a multi-line quote by default. If you want to turn it into a single-line quote, simply press the Return key, and then Backspace in order to return to normal text.

And that’s it! Long gone are the days of using code blocks and different customizations; quoting messages on Discord is now as simple as can be.