How To Print From A Google Chromebook

Google Chromebooks are sleek, lightweight, and super easy-to-use; storing most all of your files and images on the Google cloud to keep internal storage use to a minimum, and thus maximising the potential speed at which your device can run. 

However, to get the most out of your new Chromebook, you’ll need to know how to print from it, as otherwise, a lot of its potential functionality will be lost. To learn how to do so, simply follow our instructions, laid out below. For more information, and any additional queries, see the FAQs at the end of this article.

How to print from a Google Chromebook

  1. Ensure that your Google Chromebook is connected to the internet, and to your printer; also check that your printer is on and functioning properly. See our FAQs if you experience any issues at this point.
  2. Open up the file you wish to print, whether offline or online.
  3. Now, you have two options:
    1. Press CTRL + P together on your keyboard
    2. Click ‘File’ in the program you’ve opened the file with, and locate and click on the option to ‘Print’
  4. When the ‘Print’ menu opens up, you’ll need to set the ‘Destination’ for the file – i.e. select your printer. Click the downward-facing arrow in the ‘Destination’ box. You’ll likely see options such as ‘Save as PDF’ or ‘Save to Google Drive’. If you don’t see your chosen printer in this list, then click ‘See More’
  5. Now, select the printer you are connected to and wish to print from
  6. Finally, make any print setting adjustments you need to, and when ready, press ‘Print’

Note: If your default printer doesn’t show up in the drop-down list when you click ‘Destination’ in the ‘Print’ menu, then you can ensure it does in future by selecting the ‘Manage’ option from the list which pops up when you click ‘See More’

And that’s it! Simple as that, you can print any page or document you like. 

If you can’t find a ‘File’ or ‘Print’ menu in the program or website you’re looking to print from, we recommend pressing CTRL + P on your keyboard, as this will automatically take you to the print screen options available for the document or page you’re currently viewing.

For any additional questions or for further information and troubleshooting, please direct your attention to our FAQs below.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Google Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a laptop, PC, or tablet which runs the Linux-based Chrome Operating System (OS). Chromebooks mostly work using the Google Chrome browser to complete whichever tasks you might normally complete offline, on a regular PC/desktop or tablet.

Most of the applications and data run or produced on a Chromebook are stored and backed-up in Google’s cloud, rather than on the device itself, meaning that users typically find their devices have minimal built-in storage space and will need to have access to WiFi or some other form of internet connection in order to access and engage with the full functionality of their Chromebook.

What can I print from my Google Chromebook?

You can print just about anything from your Google Chromebook, and can even do so straight from the cloud, without first having to download whichever documents or images you wish to print. Since Chromebooks mostly operate via the cloud, and store most of your files and information there, it is in fact likely that printing directly from the cloud will be your primary means of operation.

So long as a file, document, image, or what have you has the option to print attached to it, you should be good to print it. We recommend locating and opening up the desired item and then locating the ‘File’ tab in the program you’ve opened it with. In the drop-down list of options under ‘File’, you should find an option to ‘Print’ it.

Alternatively, pressing CTRL + P on your Chromebook’s keyboard should also bring up the various print options for your specific file.

When can I print from my Google Chromebook?

Anytime you like, provided you are plugged in to your printer via a USB, or connected to it via WiFi (note: Google Chromebook’s are not currently equipped with the means of connecting to printers via Bluetooth).

Furthermore, if the document or image you wish to print is not kept offline on your Chromebook, then you’ll have to ensure that you are connected to the internet, and thus to Google cloud, in order to access and thus print your desired items.

If printing to a WiFi-connected printer, also ensure that you and it are connected to the same WiFi network.

Common troubleshooting issues

If you’re having any issues when trying to print from your Chromebook, you should consider the following. If your printer is wireless, then you’ll need to ensure both it and your Google Chromebook are successfully connected to the internet, either via WiFi (the same network) or ethernet cable.

Even if they are both connected, there still could be some connectivity issues causing problems on your end – we recommend running a network connection check on both your Chromebook and printer. If your internet is acting up, then consider trying to plug your printer into your Chromebook via a USB cable, and connecting them for printing that way. 

Alternatively, remember to always check that your printer’s paper tray is loaded, and that ink cartridges are loaded and functioning properly, too. Failing all of the above, you could try resetting both your printer and your Chromebook and then trying again, to see whether performing a reset resolved the issue. If none of this works, and the tutorials above didn’t help, then we recommend contacting an expert.